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  1. Thank you. And I don't know, I just wanted to know what would happen if my organs got lonely and wanted some friends or something

  2. Considering you went all the way to R5 and C6, you really should farm artifacts and talents if you want to make the most out of Itto. Pretty low crit rate and low talent invenstment considering the constellations.

  3. For burst support, Zhongli's best personal damage is gonna be 2noblesse/2archaicpetra, but 4noblesse also works for burst damage and buffing the team if that's what you're looking for.

  4. If you really have nobody else to farm for then sure. But your build is amazing and it would take an extremely long time to find artifacts of the new set that would result in bigger damage than what you have. I'd say it's a waste of resin but if you're out of shit to do then why not. Prioritize your supports though if you haven't already.

  5. Childe/Fischl/Beidou/Barbara is pretty solid, especially if you give Barbara TTDS and have her at C2.

  6. I got 5 teams for you: [Xiao/Sucrose/Bennett/(Zhongli or Thoma)], [Keqing/Xingqiu/Zhongli/(Barbara or Qiqi or Bennett)], [(Diluc or Xiangling), Xingqiu, Bennett, (Sucrose or Zhongli)], [Razor/(Kaeya or Rosaria)/Diona/Beidou], [Gorou, (Ningguang or Noelle), Geo MC, AnyHealer]

  7. Geo dmg, just make sure you're using a def% sands and try to get a little more ER.

  8. Raiden Shogun doesn't need any constellations to be one of the best 5 stars in the whole game. She gains a lot of power at c2 but it's far from necessary. As for other characters, I found it very underwhelming to use Xiangling before c4 and even Bennett before c1. Very few characters are completely locked behind constellations.

  9. I feel like they're all pretty damn annoying except for electro slimes and treasure hoarders. Hydro Abyss Mages and their bubbles are especially bad though.

  10. You really need to get some ER, trust me. Had like 116 for the longest time and never had my burst available, then once i switched to 130 my life changed forever and now it's always up. A burst DPS like Itto really needs at least 130 ER.

  11. I mean if they have no energy issues then nevermind me but I just thought it looked low

  12. Speedrunners suffer from success. Imagining completing all weekly missions on Monday.

  13. Hardly a speedrunner since they had 6 hours left on weeklies

  14. You have great characters for an Ayaka team

  15. You cant even double crown her at lvl 72 im pretty sure...

  16. I would use both and either get rid of qiqi or zhongli since having a pure healer and pure shielder is redundant

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