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When you follow your heart, love is the answer

  1. Major league shortstops better watch out

  2. You were built with a crappy design flaw. Ford engineers are apparently geniuses

  3. All jokes aside, it is not difficult to get a restraining order. It doesn’t not require that the alleged abuser be convicted of a crime. In my opinion, your fundamental rights should not be removed from you without a proper conviction.

  4. This doesn’t really account for expansion during arousal though, right?

  5. I would wager this is from toothpaste

  6. How can countries without true freedom of speech be a full democracy?

  7. The 1440p thing is pretty much useless because their VRR format still requires hdmi 2.1

  8. First of let me state that I’m not defending him whatsoever.

  9. Well at least when he did draw he deleted the other guy

  10. Put him in midfield and let him run with the ball. Everyone will get outta the damn way

  11. I like the idea but it seems like it would be easily worked around by large companies

  12. You can block their devices if you log in to your router

  13. I use this a general tool quite often. Very useful

  14. 60 fps free patch or next gen version. Nothing more is needed, but anything more is appreciated. Sadly rockstar likes money

  15. I feel like a lot of people are forgetting this all deaths and not just COVID

  16. Redditors always makes strong claims about people but present no evidence 🤡

  17. Only if he grabs his dick and twists it

  18. It is ridiculous considering 4K is the industry standard for hardware and has been for some years now

  19. That’s what happens when you don’t form tackle

  20. Should be reviewable in a situation like that

  21. This is why you get a truck with a steel bumper

  22. Those ameriglo rears are always a bitch to get on lol

  23. It’s like JD power as far as I’m concerned

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