1. strangely enough, i think mitski is very yin? like what seems to be “width/wideness” is just not being severely thin + yin flesh imo. i’m thinking pure R but i’m not 100%.

  2. Who’s the second guy in the “good dad” category?

  3. Everyone's like "oh Date should be higher" this and "Jingu should have his own tier" that and "wait Shimano FUCKED??" whatever, I'm just gonna say that Nakahara's placement is spot on and that anyone who

  4. yeah, i didn’t expect all these reactions! genuinely fuck jingu, but i hope most get that this is a meme/joke post (which is why it’s flaired as such) like most tier lists and i don’t actually think date fails as a dad past Y1. i loved that! that specific moment in y3 always gives me goosebumps, like i know some people think it’s silly but it’s such a powerful, sincerely heartwarming scene. nakahara is the indisputable best dad.

  5. mr. bungle and/or faith no more would fit ENTP just as well, both bands have the same ENTP frontman + a very ENTP sound.

  6. i know exactly what video you’re talking about, and it was a track from TRT, specifically

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