1. Stationery. Books, cds, records. Hobby notions ig she is a crafter. Tea or herbal tea or coffee. Socks, scarves. Jewelery - it can be really cheap.

  2. When i lost a lot of weight last year i felt more normal and more willing to move and be active. I gained some back and am less happy overall. So it helps but it is not a dramatic change,

  3. I hope you at least find a way to be liked, or some care

  4. Yep and they have a rich man so often - they can work part time in a hobby job

  5. I believe you have one advantage and that is your intelligence and ability to assess the situation this way (even if i still hope that you one day meet someone who clicks with you). Because i was thinking for way long that maybe not maybe i can break the pattern - i am a woman which makesit even funny because women are judgec for their looks all the time. If i knew this (being anpalceholder and being only as good as what i can offer) in a younger age i might live with way less embarassment and false hope. I still belkeved i mattered somehow. As an aging woman i am even less worthy for the world - female friends long gone because i was anolaxeholder tomspend time with before a man comes by, male prospects married to prettier women or looking for women who are younger and prettier

  6. I am getting really good at organising/planning AND now i am better at work/life balance. I just brought real joy to some people as a part of my work related project. I am willing to improve

  7. Yep happens to me in resturants and pretty much everywhere

  8. I completely feel this. I've been single my entire 48 years, I quite literally do not KNOW who I am/would be as a person with a partner. I can't imagine or comprehend it. And nobody who knows me has ever seen me with a partner (obvs!) to even say to me, "you've changed in x,y,z ways", be they good or bad ways lol!

  9. I believe k would be better. When i am friendly with a vezsh i throve. When i had a guy i was softwr, more geninine cos although i know i couldnt rely on him i dlstill felt like someone cares and i dont have to go through life all alone. It was eons ago and to day i wouldnt accept it as it was (bačsically i was a placeholder for a partner after he divorced-gratefuľdor sex and an ocassional cheap meal)

  10. I hear you and i understand this feeling too well - i can be nice and generous and try to have empathy but why cant be anyones priority ever

  11. Ditto for the 2nd part. I have a decent relationship with my siblings but always seem to attract these fair-weather friends who will quickly dump/distance from you when something better comes up in their life.

  12. Yep i wonder why that happens - maybe i have a vube of being self sufficient maybe i am just weird who knows

  13. I have a similar experience with women mentioning their bf/husbands. I learned over time that this is their way of gently telling me to distance myself. I recently had a woman not mention her husband early on in the first 3 minutes. I thought she was flirting with me. Just realized she actually had a genuine interest in the science related conversation.

  14. Yep i understand that perfectly. Some men genuinely enjoy talking about some interest we share and i often think they are interested in me but alas no it is only the subject

  15. Yes i hear you, knowing that i never had a chance to be seen as a possible option is hard

  16. Do as the locals do, be polite and respectful.

  17. It's a platitude. Normal people don't understand our situations and don't want to hear about it because being FA is depressing, and we depress them. So they say whatever they can to make it seem not as bad. Worse, they know it's bullshit but don't care because all they want is for us to stop talking.

  18. Having a loved one is better than loneliness

  19. it is the classic example of making us feel even worse, like it coul be e are fa we must be stupid for not seeing we were infact super hot lol

  20. Thank you for these words, I'm trying to do the same but sometimes it's difficult due the overthinking and intrusive thoughts.

  21. It took me ages to take this a bit better but i still dislike this feeling that sometimes creeps up

  22. Could be a non-alcoholic drink for all we know, but because of her Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Lupus and transplant recipient medications and any other meds, it would definitely be best if she didn’t.

  23. I cant think of an ytigt now but wanted to say it is an interesting post!

  24. I would log it as fried chicken with asparagus, aioli, and dukkah.

  25. Exercise helps and for me especially the type that makes me think about performing those movements (ie not mindless exercise althought it is usefull too). I am vreating things because i want and can and i am enjoying things like soft clothes and good speakers

  26. no i don’t do my research and just went right into running with no working up to it. i learned my lesson

  27. I hope you recover well. Is there a chance to find an advsier/trainer/app? I strated exercising a few months ago with a trainer because i knwo nothing about these things and i believe if i didnt have advice is be hurt. I hope you can find a way to exercise and not be hurt! All the best

  28. I dont think ita right to snuggle food into a conema

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