1. When that lake starts throwing arsenic rich dust over salt lake city. I will vote NO on giving federal aid to them.

  2. Don’t forget all the new mormon tech bros along the slopes. They’ll get their ultra whites dirty in that toxic dust.

  3. Christ. What are the ramifications of this? Will it return?

  4. Toxic air. The air around SLC is already absolute shit, this will make it even worse.

  5. No, I reserve the right to judge others for this. And I judge harshly for unnecessary body modifications of children.

  6. This. Cultures can have unsafe practices and they do all the time. We still circumcise. A baby should be protected from things that can harm. Choke hazards and tug hazards should be avoided. This has nothing to do with where Hillary is from. Add into it 6 other little kids and that could be a recipe for disaster.

  7. Why tf is that black PT cruiser casually following so closely? I'd be like 90 car distances behind these dumb dumbs

  8. He’s all squeezing in like hell yeah I wanna make this PT Cruiser look better, too

  9. The audacity of anyone who calls themselves ‘princess’ on social media with a tiara to poke fun of anyone…fucking princess kimberly y’all…im dead

  10. Ok so there’s software out there that records visitor activity for user experience purposes. It records mouse movements, on the page. It does not record things like credit card number entering. Companies use it to make their websites more user-friendly. It shows where shoppers have roadblocks on your site, etc. This is what the ad is about and they arent going to get a penny over this. It isnt illegal. The KarJenners are garbage but so is this. Source: I head up seo and every place I’ve consulted uses software like hotjar to make their experiences better.

  11. I saw a video of a husky screaming and i will never get a husky.

  12. I have a husky mix, we adopted her at 8 weeks…on the way home this 10 pound beast let out an octave that made me nearly wreck my truck. We both looked at her like WHAT was THAT.

  13. Why do right wingers think the left supports Epstein? Literally no one has come out in support of him, and there are as many conservatives (if not more) who were clients of his.

  14. The funniest part is of all the folks on the island..including people like Barbara Walters…why are they never disgusted with the actual allegations from girls who were on the island…about Trump? Like, if someone arrested everyone from the island would they be ok with Trump going to prison too? This is the baffling part. They all should go to jail if they did horrific things, period.

  15. I agree, just like Abe Lincoln used to say, “people are like usually lowkey full of shit”

  16. Your mom also encouraged and promoted whoring out her daughter for a boost off the C-list so IDK how much you want to mimic that woman.

  17. I swear I’m totally good never seeing another human being make that fucking face

  18. That's a blatant lie. Niagara Falls is one of the biggest tourist hotspots in Canada. There are MASSIVE casino's that alone bring in thousands of guests. Not to mention Clifton Hill, which has just about every kind of attraction you can think of from haunted houses to the Guinness world record museum.

  19. Have to agree. Clifton Hill has some of the most ridiculously fun things to do ever.

  20. they way she chucks the wax into the liquid wax has so much sass to it

  21. Is it fucked up if the first thing I thought was sing even flow in my head

  22. He isn’t even remotely interesting. His comedy is meh. He just seems like a nice dude. Someone coming in to replace Howard at the bare minimum needs charisma and creativity to keep an audience for the amt of time Howard can.

  23. imagine living in a city where there are drunk people 24/7

  24. How about allowing tits and booze and the same time!?!

  25. There's no way this is not a tame wolf. Wild animals don't understand how to drink like that from a water bottle, and they sure don't turn their back on a human. Or enjoy getting wetted. Do that to a wild animal and it would freak out.

  26. It’s not a wolf. It’s a coyote. Most coyotes arent afraid of people and they just co exist…unless you have a 10-pound dog you’re walking. 100% a nearly dying coyote would take this water. Poor fella. Source: I live in the desert and see coyotes on the daily.

  27. If they weren’t friends Howard would’ve done a bit on them every single show for at least a year.

  28. 100%. He would have had a fake hillary impersonator doing that god awful door knock he does now. The show is absolute shit the last 10 years.

  29. Or if it’s not for her for his 5 children…. That must be so hurtful to the kids

  30. Imagine waiting for your dad to come home for dinner only to see him not even enter the home but rather another building completely, then pop in right before bed to give you a peck on the cheek. That’s shit parenting.

  31. Remember 10 minutes ago when absolutely no one cared about drag shows? Why don’t these people care about the thousands upon thousands of cases of clergy sexually assaulting kids?

  32. How cool would it be to air drop gifts like iphones and and maybe a jeep or some other toys and see what happens, like a real life reality show about introducing modern technology to uncontacted tribes.... (Watch, this gonna be a series on Amazon TV next month... )

  33. I think we should spare them from our awful vices and just let them live their lives.

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