1. I personally know the owner of that itasha. Either you live in NC or must have stopped by near Raleigh to have spot this itasha.

  2. Do you have their instagram pr anything?? I saw their car at Animazement today and am in love

  3. This shits really been getting on our nerves.. My coworker had gotten tested cause her husband was showing symptoms and called out as to not risk us getting sick and when she came back (tested negative) she got reprimanded by our ETL who said "that's for us to handle if you get everyone else sick" like???? Do these mfs just not care abt anyone but themselves???

  4. Stop showing outside your availability and they’ll stop. They keep doing it till you force them to stop.

  5. Thats the thing, I never do. Like ever. Im always strict about it. Its just annoying that they try to slip it in there to get me to

  6. Don’t sweat it, if it’s outside your posted, approved availability then it’s your moron ETLs problem. They are just over scheduling to show they are using their holiday hours.

  7. I honestly want to, but I also know they've been just firing people for small things at my store.

  8. Ik a friend of mine is doing custom designs. Not sure of her prices but she's just getting started and has p dope work from what I seen!! Shes @juiceboxxvinyl on insta

  9. My store doesn’t allow graphic tees 😢

  10. Mine used to when I first started there this past Feb so I bought a bunch of red shirts and then a month ago we has a corporate walk and they complained. They also said we arent allowed to wear the red vests anymore :'))

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