1. no like M/L but the measurements on the site seems like they would fit me but lol 71cm lentgh for an S size seems too much for me

  2. If you wear a M/L, do not get the S. The hoodie will slowly shrink more and more with each wash. I wear a L and wish I would have gotten an XL.

  3. that was exactly was i was scared of maybe it will fit me when it arrives but probably it will shrink

  4. All depends on the buyer. But I don’t think this defect or something missing would make it more valuable. But maybe something like the heel tab or a jazz stripe put on upside down could possibly bring up the value cause it’s pretty uncommon but didn’t really alter the shoe a whole lot. Similar story for a pair or Jordan 1s that had a swoosh put upside down and they jacked the price up on those because it was a factory defect not a customization.

  5. exactly, i am asking because i remember of that jordan’s and i was hoping i could flip these but probably i won’t get much

  6. I mean they are vaults, maybe not what u were thinking but they’re still wort something! 🤘🏼 minor defect working against em but I’m sure if someone who wanted those missed out on em they wouldn’t mind paying.

  7. thanks for the tip man! i think that i’ll keep them for myself tho, comfy af and really nice colorway!

  8. My SK8-His have been good during winter in Northern England but it depends where you live

  9. continental europe, i guess winter here are less cold then we’re you are

  10. I’ll mix it! I use logic and just bought a bunch of nice waves plugins.

  11. THANKS SO MUCH MAN on thursday i will send you the vocals if you want btw is it a problem that i sing in italian? i forgot to mention sorry

  12. I'm selling mine on depop. I can maybe add a shipping price on mine I think its around $30

  13. You can still buy new Everybody hoodies from merchbar. Pretty much everything that was taken off the main merch site is still available on merchbar. It's still official though.

  14. thank you bro, i actually saw that before posting and the prices were a bit high … was hoping someone would sell me theirs for like 30

  15. is that a size L? if so can you tell me how tall are you and how does it fit

  16. Had a little look around couldnt see anything, will contact them tonight hopefully can get it sorted but i guess we will see because im on the otherside of the world

  17. appreciate it! but i’m not searching for something like dall E I need a software that takes a bunch of different images and blends them all together in one single picture

  18. You can honestly just Google that question and find a few a popular one is hotpot ai and DALL-e

  19. you didn’t understand what i am searching for. i need an AI that I can feed images and let it develop and create new images which are blends of what i’ve fed it

  20. “Oh yes, let’s open the Under Pressure app to see if Bobby has Tweeted something”

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