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  1. honestly, if it feels good and youre comfortable, its perfect

  2. Please dont start it if you're standing there

  3. Dang. Super wild, but glad you're gonna be okay! I'd recommend any of the ninja classes as a good structured practice

  4. The bike is all good! Its armored to the gills and has seen dozens upon dozens of off-road drops. This is my 2nd street crash/low side. Both in the past couple months and only since I put this tire on. I think it’s just too aggressive for the street.

  5. Dang that super sucks. Gald youre decently ok! Heal quick!

  6. How do they view? (Careful there could be Amish mtb riders here)

  7. My 2 cents, I would go SC, but its hard to say no to that Evil. I'm just personally not a 29er fan.

  8. Doesnt look bad at all, but try to seat a tire and throw extra fluid in it. My guess is you'll be fine, but if its still leaking, warm it up with a heat gun and get a flat wood block to press the rip agains and tap it back into place with a wooden mallet. Works 10 times better than pliers and a wash rag.

  9. I’d be comfortable with around $1k but I am open $2k as my max limit

  10. Gonna be looking hard in the aftermarket, but its possible. Im West Slope and rode mostly Summit to Front Range the last few years - my recommendation is 140mm travel, front and rear. That will let you begin and progress across the majority of trails in CO. You could go 150 or 160, but the majority of times its just not needed. I rode primarily floyd hill, green mountain, Vail, and Winter Park. Im now more Moab to 18 road. Ridden everything fine on a 140mm.

  11. Rent and try them if you can. You can also ask the staff to size her for the correct bike - which is the full involved measuring reach, etc. Its worth getting sized regardless, but if youre gonna spend the money, I recommend doing it once. I went up a size (between M and L) and hated it until I moved down one, but thats not to say everyone will feel the same.

  12. I’m in Denver so mostly front range but hoping to get at least a day or two further west before it starts snowing.

  13. Heck yeah, floyd hill is my favorite out there, but I ran Ruby Hill the most for practice.

  14. There is no best since not everyone weighs the same.

  15. Ali Clarkson, Sam Pilgrim, Berm Peak, Pat Smage (he is Moto trials but does a lot of cool fat bike vids), and James Barton are my favs

  16. You would probably appreciate Super Rider, too. He is right in that Ali Clarkson/Sam Pilgrim area -

  17. Hands down, best guy out there is Super Rider:

  18. Shot in the dark, if you have auto 4wd, does it still shift out to 2wd?

  19. Also someone with a drz and too much money - what are we all buying here?

  20. Just an all around piece of shit I guess

  21. The right size is the size that fits you and is comfortable for you. People used to rock much smaller than 760mm on their bikes, so the number by itself means nothing.

  22. to add, going wider will feel really weird for a bit when you got this route, but worked great for me. also consider rise and sweep for wider bars to relieve any fatigue/issues

  23. Mines an investment. I can skip blood pressure meds, anti-depressants and guarantee my sick days are less that the average. I ride year round in the northeast US. And I have jacked quads to boot!

  24. Ive had a few sick days from my bike. Big sends, p sick day.

  25. See this is why all cops are bastards.

  26. The "good" ones who leg sweep, kneel on the back, and punch suspects in the face 6 times.

  27. Depending on your height and stand over, might be worth lookin at a seat. But, definitely what everyone else said - especially case covers. I normally start with the contact points like grips, bars, seat and go from there.

  28. Yea but the problem is that the bearings fell out while I was on my ride and I didn’t realize just taught the chain dropped and when I got home and took it apart I saw so I don’t have any bearings so I wanna know if I buy a freewheel if it will come with the section carrying the bearings if not I’ll just buy bearings.

  29. At 1:10 in the video he shows the cartridge bearings. If you pull that cartridge out and get the size, you simply swap that piece.

  30. Wilson has obviously never moved from an apartment

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