1. Tell me why my microscopic insect brain thought those were donuts and cookies... really was confused on the concept for a second.

  2. My heart is with the survivor(s), and to a lesser extent his fans who were completely blindsided by this. I know now isn’t the time for ‘I told you so’s, but as a csa survivor, I don’t know... I just always had a bad feeling about him, so much so that I couldn’t get into Stray Kids until he left. Then after he left, I accidentally stumbled across some creepy sasaeng info about him... that was the nail in the coffin for me.

  3. I don’t want to give too much credibility to these things, because anyone can say they’re an info collector or sasaeng and just make stuff up, but this claim in particular was that he was ‘dating’ a member of girl group who was at the time underage (Woojin being in his 20’s). It named a specific member of a specific group, but given how no such idol has come forward, I don’t feel comfortable naming them.

  4. Has anyone else noticed strange choices in what’s considered ‘for kids’ by YouTube? I’m not talking about Elsagate-esque videos, just... random ones.

  5. I don’t think he’s taking up a spot, because he really doesn’t promote his music (which makes me question why some people call him the first openly gay kpop ‘idol’... in which ways is he an idol lol? Was the title of first openly gay kpop soloist already taken? But that’s just nitpicking.) It’s not like someone more talented has been blocked from getting on music shows or the radio because Holland is taking that place. He’s basically an indie artist, as far as I can tell.

  6. When I heard about this comeback, I was wondering how they would be able to pull this off without Hanbin. Turns out, they can’t. No surprise there. I feel bad that the members have to be so publicly embarrassed by association with this braindead company.

  7. Johnny got lines! Finally, me and my children won’t starve.

  8. Junmyeon is just... my dream man. I know it’s probably frowned upon to stan someone primarily for their appearance, but god damn. That man is so pretty. Genuinely believe he is the best looking idol, period. Not to mention that he gives me big dad energy. I’m trynna be a mom, Suho, hit me up! 👀

  9. The "Rotational unit is dumb" for NCT dream. Like I get it, NCT dream has great chemistry. I also love them. But you fucking knew since you started stanning that was their fucking concept. Stop complaining. They haven't even been separated. We don't even know if it's going to happen. But if it happens it was what SM said since the beggining. So stf up please.

  10. This!!! I’m so sick of people complaining about the graduation system, or saying they don’t want more NCT units, or infighting between the units. We all knew what we were getting into. We all chose to listen to them despite this.

  11. Johnny’s fucking wig in Wakey Wakey trips me up so much because I know he looks like the lead singer of some metal band I saw once, but I don’t know who. It’s just so jarring.

  12. My sister & I think it’s just a Dream fixed unit, maybe plus or minus a few members. That way they can stay stubborn on their vision of a graduation system, while still capitalizing on Dream’s success.

  13. Aye! Looks like PBG’s cult will be trading Kool-Aid for Coke! You love to see people moving up in the world. :’)

  14. I believe filler members exist, but I don’t really mind it, if that makes sense? For whatever reason, I have very little interest in groups that aren’t ‘big’, I’m talking less than seven members. I think that’s what attracts me to NCT, my extrovert energy goes wild when I see large groups of people. It makes me so happy lol.

  15. Idk, as a mentally ill person, I feel like there needs to be visibility in the case of invisible illnesses like these. I’ve been into kpop for a while, and a few years ago, it was like the concept of mental illness didn’t exist at all. Now, imagine you’re a kid in South Korea and you’re going through it — who do you have to look up to, to say ‘yeah, I’m depressed, but I can still have a life and be successful’. A lot of them might not have even heard about anxiety or depression. They just look around and see everyone else is seemingly fine, and it furthers the feeling of isolation.

  16. Honestly, I view it as any other body modification. It’s all fine to me as long as you think it through before hand. Especially filler, which is temporary and can easily be dissolved if you change you mind before the effect wears out on it’s own. Your body, your choice — you don’t owe anyone anything.

  17. Yeah, agreed. I feel like a lot of international fans, particularly the younger ones, don’t realize that the media’s current fascination with kpop is just a fad.

  18. I’m 22 and people assume I’m younger than my high school age sister, who looks her age. There are no real advantages to this yet, but my mom was like this and aged really well despite not taking care of herself (smoking, poor diet, no skincare routine). I do take care of myself, so I’m looking forward to immortality. That’s... how that works, right?

  19. My dad works a very high stress, physically difficult job, so when he comes home he’s usually both mentally and physically exhausted. You can see it on his face. But when my 6 year old little sister jumps up and yells “daddy’s home!” and runs up to give him a hug, it all just vanishes. It’s amazing how much this kid has helped all of us, and she doesn’t even know it yet.

  20. Up until recently, I identified as a lesbian. I did the whole ‘bi-curious’ thing backwards, I guess, so I get it both ways. First people assume I’m doing this for male attention, then when I tell them that I’ve dated women exclusively, I’m told I have internalized lesbophobia. Then when I explain that I’ve always been attracted to men and women, but was afraid of being attracted to men because of my experience with CSA... oh, i guess I’m bisexual because of childhood trauma now.

  21. She would occasionally tell me that what we were doing was wrong, but she’d shift the blame onto me (“I shouldn’t do this, but I don’t want to break your heart”) which in retrospect was manipulative, because she’d pursued me. I was in a really bad place at the time, and like a lot of teens, thought I was more mature than most 15 year olds, so I didn’t see a problem with it until a few years later. She was predatory though, so I don’t think she really thought it was wrong, rather she just said that to make herself sound trustworthy.

  22. Out in the west Texas town of El Paso, I fell in love with unnecessary words.

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