1. I usually leave it marinating in a shallow dish overnight. I prefer using fresh herbs from my local farmer's market, but if you don't have access to one of those, store bought should be fine. Be sure to cover the dish loosely with aluminum foil to keep it relatively moist, and don't forget the chili powder!

  2. Iraq. That pretty much accounts for all directions from my home.

  3. Love's Truck Stops, hands down.

  4. A preowned house. Going to build my own instead of paying 3 times what it cost 4 years ago for a rotting but nicely polished turd built in the 1920s.

  5. tall, because at least one of us should be able to reach the top shelf, and god already decided it won't be me.

  6. What if he isn't tall but has disproportionately long arms that can reach the top shelf?

  7. Imma need him for a different job. Tickling a midget in a tree, for starters.

  8. The morning after the party. It doesn't matter which season.

  9. I don't know what qualifies, but I have no problem stating "good" when I hear a bad person got killed/severely injured doing bad things.

  10. I think this is something a lot of philosophers are arguing about. I believe this is the number one moral dillema. Its truly something you cant say objectively.

  11. The loss of life and the loss of a potential turnaround in the individual are both tragic, but the removal of a currently malicious entity is in itself a good that benefits the rest of the world. Crackhead gets shot trying to rob someone? Good.

  12. Nothing until the money cleared, then when It was impossible to hide I would play it off as though it was a much smaller windfall.

  13. Chevy Spark EV, I would trade for a newish Chevy Bolt or Polestar 2 if it was just an even trade I didn't have to pay extra for.

  14. According to some bands it feels like it means New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and just one foreign city like Tokyo, London, or Sydney.

  15. Nobody correcting everything you do. Nobody stuck to you at the hip only letting you do what they like to do. Nobody trying to turn you into someone else for their own amusement. I don't know how I survived with such a clean, organized life before my wife. It might be messy af now, but at least I'm doing things correctly now (according to her).

  16. Missing out on a huge financial, professional, fame break their partner had been working on getting when the cheater decided things were "too boring rn".

  17. Heartbreak. I would love a guarantee to never feel that again.

  18. All the humans aren't sitting on one target.

  19. 1997 Subaru Legacy Wagon 2.5L Twin Turbo. Just a rebuild and a little welding away from being a complete monster.

  20. Pre 2020: Final Fantasy X Post 2020: No Man's Sky

  21. Your obesity is your own fault, and nobody is going to fix it for you. This is why nobody wants to do anything with you. We have to put a million more times the work in to include someone who refuses to stop acting like this was just some bad card dealt to them by some divine act. All of it could be forgiven if your personality wasn't so full of crap. The only thing more apalling than the amount of food that goes into your mouth is the amount of self serving, self congratulating complaints about everything else that come out of it. We get it, you're magically 380 lbs because that's how your poor momma gave birth to you, but you're still the greatest person to ever exist, and anyone who doesn't want to worship your gelatinous existence with continuous work is an over entitled millenial who deserves to live in poverty.

  22. Final Fantasy VII, because I'm hyped up for Final Fantasy VIII coming out later this year.

  23. In that case, Starship Troopers.

  24. 1 day old rule, because homelessness sucks.

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