Doug Eddings Umpire Scorecard from last nights Blue [email protected] Sox game

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  1. djc8 says:

    A guy who will never even be mentioned in conversation for an MVP making $50M a year. What a joke.

  2. djc8 says:

    It sounds crazy to say that the day it’s signed but I agree with you.

  3. Maybe he wants to play somewhere else?

  4. I love Juan Soto and want him to stay forever. But I can’t blame him if he wants to explore all options, especially with how sharply this team has declined since 2019. And it’s not like they’re certain to be back in contention in a few years.

  5. Every Wiz fan I know doesn’t want this to happen so yeah, it’s definitely gonna happen

  6. Well I am one. Technically. They’re my team but I don’t actually like them.

  7. It’s a total party sub


  9. And if you include all Disney properties, Eternals had one that was actually front and center

  10. More like Adley Crushman am I right

  11. Oh you can spell? No need to Brag man

  12. I can’t wait for that phrase to be retired. It’s so lame and so overused by the worst kinds of fans.

  13. in case anyone thinks this is exaggeration, it was genuinely a very obvious strike without the catcher getting mixed up or anything

  14. It was 100% in the zone and should have been called as such, but it looked to me like the catcher was set up for a pitch up and in and reached down across the zone for it, which I think is why the ump missed the call

  15. Painful as that looked, it’s amazing that he held onto the ball

  16. First of all, Goldy had no business barreling up that pitch.

  17. I mean this season their third best bat is Taylor Ward who has a career 1.8 WAR in 5 seasons and their 2nd best pitcher is Jared Walsh whose career record is 7-17 with a 3.96 ERA. It's honestly sad.

  18. Walsh is their first baseman. Looks like you somehow got Patrick Sandoval’s pitching stats with his name.

  19. Guy’s gotta be related to Pablo Sanchez or something. Just hits the crap outta the ball every damn time.

  20. This is the strike zone they call for 8 years olds who are pitching for the first time

  21. If I was the Royals pitching coach I would advise my guys to not throw meaty fastballs middle middle with two strikes on Ohtani

  22. I just watched Cease’s 11 Ks. Pretty sure all 11 were sliders low and/or away and two of them were just totally unhittable called strikes a few inches off the corner.

  23. 6 total bases and 5 RBI without a homer has only happened 51 times in baseball history

  24. I do love seeing a highlight from a few years ago and doing that split-second double take before remembering why the front row is full of stuffed animals and cardboard cutouts

  25. Did ESPN give you any notice they’d be showing it? Definitely glad to see they included your Twitter handle

  26. I really want to be mad at you for saying that but deep down it’s what we’re all thinking

  27. The greatest play ever that wasn’t actually a play

  28. How can you not be romantic about TOOTBLANs

  29. I was not at all prepared for how funny #1 was. You think it’s gonna be a play at second and then cut to him just laying there like a seal in the sun. Fantastic.

  30. We don’t have any words and we know you don’t want to hear them.

  31. Always find it kinda funny to imagine some social media intern typing up that tweet. “Do you guys think this is somber enough?”

  32. Jazz is a beauty but it’s worth nothing that Joan Adon is so so so so so bad

  33. We have maybe the worst pitching rotation in recent memory. 1 burnt-out veteran and four AA players.

  34. At least Gray has some upside. Adon is all downside.

  35. I want to play the damn Orioles! We're rival baseball birds!

  36. I’d imagine Vladdy REALLY wants to play the O’s. Homie hung a dozen dongs on em last year.

  37. I think Cruz will get traded unless he is truly terrible. Some team will think he can improve and the nats won't have any trouble finding someone to put in at DH everyday (prob yadi) compared to replacing their entire infield.

  38. I hear the Phillies want him to play center field

  39. I wonder what Robles value is around the league. Only just turned 25, has a 3 win season under his belt, still has plus defense and speed

  40. Following that MAT career arc. High potential CF with exciting tools, has one season where he looks poised to put it all together, then strikes out 400 times in a row.

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