1. You should clean it first with a pressure washer cleaner. Or else you're likely to have peeling. Look for a deck or all purpose cleaner on Amazon. They're more or less the same.

  2. It’s going to be a dirty burn and not good smoke. Plus lid open ventilates to reduce the risk of fire pot explosion, which happens, and someone posted on here within the past week about it happening to them

  3. I usually use Jealous Devil and Bear Mountain.

  4. i have no need for temps that low. 275 all day. better bark, faster cook, excellent results

  5. You think I have all day to watch a silly muscle change colors? Quick sear and butter baste and done

  6. Is your probe in the middle? I would imagine the surface reaches 140 much sooner, and that's where most of the bad guys live.

  7. Yes, I usually probe in the middle.

  8. i swear to god boomers thawed all meat on the counter for 40 years and are still here to tell the tale. It makes me wonder if I'm too paranoid

  9. Interesting how grass is different across the regions. That type of grass is my arch nemesis in my region. It comes in the summer like a weed, takes over the lawn, then dies in the fall / early winter leaving a destroyed lawn.

  10. Thanks for the compliment. I try to maintain it as best I can. There is a weed similar to St. Augustine grass, which I think is called torpedo grass. You may be dealing with that, but I can’t say for sure. I’m not sure if St. Augustine dies in the winter, but instead goes dormant—unless it hasn’t been treated well. It’s a nice grass.

  11. Good info. At the moment, this is the only vehicle access to the back yard. I was considering an automatic gate to the area right of the concrete pad. Then put crushed granite for a little bit larger parking space. I’m still unsure, just weighing my options right now. But again, you make great points. Thanks

  12. I'd have stuck a temp probe in it to see if it was even in the danger zone. It's probably fine.

  13. What about the surface temp? Isn’t that what is most concerning about defrosting this way? Thanks!

  14. If it's cryovac'd and the internal didn't get too low then I'd go ahead and cook it.

  15. Makes sense. Unfortunately, I don’t know exactly the temp and feel of the brisket because I don’t live with them. It’s for a party, so it has me a bit concerned.

  16. extremely risky. you shouldn't thaw food on the counter because it can be in the danger zone on the outside before the middle is thawed. Thawing in the fridge means it stays out of the danger zone

  17. That’s what I was thinking too. Thanks!

  18. Then they're lucky. Ground beef generally lasts only around 3 days in the fridge without MAP.

  19. Yes. That would’ve been helpful to include in the post! I didn’t eat it last night, but another person did. They are fine. It just made me uncomfortable that it was stored for 6 days raw in the fridge. I guess the ground beef behind the glass counter at the grocery store is better quality and doesn’t go bad as fast?

  20. They’re growing in a raised bed. I did work the soil prior to planting. However, I only added to the existing soil used last year, then tilled. I will probably need to replace the soil this fall. What do you think?

  21. Look at the bottom of the leaves under magnification. If you see tiny specks moving, you have thrips.

  22. This is great info. I appreciate it.

  23. Agreed. Acapulco is awesome. Ted Lasso is incredibly well done.

  24. Thanks, all. I ended up putting to keep warm once it reached 200. Carry-over brought it to 203. I let it go for a couple hours until I could get home. It dropped only to 180ish. However, the keep warm setting was reading 170 on my MEATER probe.

  25. Hate to tell you. If you want it done right, you gotta wake up and wrap. But if you're going to do anything turn it to keep warm. You risk going below safe Temps if you just shut it off.

  26. Makes sense. I’m just worried about overcooking. But I guess overcooking is better than letting it go into the danger zone. Thanks!

  27. What kind of grate? Stainless steel, or cast iron, or enamel coated.

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