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Uvalde woman gets city council to do its job getting rid of Chief Arredondo by reading their rules to them. The motion passed unanimously.

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. Human rights. Abortion. Gun Control. Voting rights. The right to live with out fear of crazy down the street.

  2. I worry about the lower income folks. People with higher income will be able to go where they can get it done legally, low income won't have that choice.

  3. I worry more about the women who need to have abortions because the pregnancy is not viable.

  4. Get use to it… once you do you get use to your body regulating itself. Antiperspirant does the trick but you’ll be much more uncomfortable in the long run in the heat. You won’t be able to handle it as well.

  5. This is not the United States this is Texas. Remember Texas no longer wants to be part of the union.

  6. Did you even bother to read the article or comprehend the headline of the article? The exact quote is…

  7. For me I’m good with this as long as it’s not like HULU. Pay for no ads but some of the content (like everything from food network) still has ads. It’s bullshit.

  8. Placed on leave = paid vacation. If this invertebrate had any dignity left he’d resign.

  9. This is one step closer to his removal. There was a video earlier where a citizen convinced the town to not grant him leave of absence. He was on his third strike for missing a town meeting and the town charter says without a LOA if a member misses 3 meetings they will be removed and the town can vote for their replacement. It’s a short cut to get him out, instead of needing the town to vote him out.

  10. Title of post is misleading. They didn't "get rid of" Arredondo, they just voted to not allow him to be absent from more than 3 city council meetings.

  11. Not exactly. If you listen closely if the POS is absent 3 times then he is removed and they can call a vote for a new member. If they granted the leave of absence then this nullifies the missed meetings. They were going to give the asshole the LOA so the public could vote on removing him without that POS showing his scummy face. Instead they just denied the LOA, nullifying the need to vote him out and expediting the process.

  12. To all the scapegoats saying that OP's 8GB or ram is the issue. Chew on this one. I have 16GB of ram and it's still an issue. So instead of badgering OP, how about someone with an actual solution provide an answer or say nothing at all!

  13. I am not a prude person by any means but she will always be a disgusting, disgraceful, horrible human being.

  14. The minute you make Fox News liable for their lies is the exact minute that they scream free speech protection.

  15. There will be a precedent set over this. Look at every deformation trial that has been one. The very first one could very well could have argued freedom of speech. But that no longer applies to deformation cases. I have a feeling we’ll see something where it’s about sure you can say what you want but you’ll have to pay for it’s consequences.

  16. She’s been dominating swimming for the last 10 years. Where have you been?

  17. Just being sarcastic sorry to offend you.

  18. Maybe if you were funnier we would believe you

  19. Well that tells me everything I need to know about a future purchase!

  20. That’s why I love Recteq. Instant customer service no press one for… press two for… Bullshit. And once I even got the owner on the phone when I called.

  21. My question would be why you’d have to contact them so much?

  22. 2 times were to ask them how to do something.

  23. I went with PosiGen. I also hand about three other companies out but for me the biggest selling point was that PosiGen locks in the price for the term of the lease. I wanted to lease so that if any the goes wrong with them PosiGen is responsible for fixing it. But I like other companies that may impose a % price hike over the next few years my price won’t change. We also just found out that the town we reside (Norwalk) has made them the official Solar installer of the town. Others can install but they back PosiGen

  24. I went two years without getting it. My youngest, the only one not vaccinated brought it into the house and we all got it from him. Sucks for us older vax but for him we were terrified. It was omecron so we all got it and it went through the house VERRY quickly.

  25. This always seemed like the most rudimentary way of doing it… “I don’t care if you aren’t the same piece of metal, you will become one piece!”

  26. It’s great for Aerospace construction as it prevents added weight and impurities.

  27. Why!!! Why are you using metal on a non stick surface? Don’t you care about your pans!

  28. Not a farmer but I take pride on my home vegetable garden. I fucking HATE Japanese knot weed. Shit is a pain in the ass. You have to either pull it up by the roots and let it dry on a tarp. Or chop it down with a machete and pour weed killer down the hallow stem. Then take the part you cut and let it dry out on a tarp. Still does not guarantee it won’t come back with a vengeance.

  29. No. Because I am usually buying from the same supplier that the resellers are buying from.

  30. I do the same. And as this post just made me think, in fact the decision to purchase directly from the manufacturer is cutting down on the middleman thus making it a environmentally better.

  31. On Netflix there the series ‘Warrior Nun’ that I haven’t heard anyone talk about but I really enjoyed.

  32. I wanted to like this show so much but the dialogue writing was very sub par…

  33. Most people don’t realize it’s even worse than this graphic makes out. We measure our gas by the gallon but in Europe they do it by the Liter. So the price is even more egregious.

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