The joys of living in Hungary

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  1. What a couple of years, I can’t believe I’ve been holding since the beginning of last year to build my PC! But I did it, and reaping the benefits now 💪

  2. too bad theres shortages of motherboards ram and PSU's now so youll buy em at a markup

  3. Throwback to that old YouTube video of the dude with the stocked fridge explaining how it gets him lots of girls 😂

  4. memories that I didnt know were there


  6. I would go for version with more VRAM personally. 8 gigs may be too little for 4K in some games

  7. had an 8gig aorus went w/a 10g 3080 aorus dont see much of a difference

  8. What about 4k 60 fps? Can it do that at medium or high settings?

  9. not with raytracing but without it yeah you can get 60fps

  10. This sub broke me, the magic is gone

  11. cash grab, ill never buy a skin again i dont care ill still play the game, if we all do this theyll bring it back to how it was or stop supporting game updates all together and die like amongus

  12. So you would rather have the game die than have paid cosmetics?

  13. in this case yes, one could make the case like Dota 2 they have paid skins but its free to play thing is you can sell those skins not here once theyre bought thats it

  14. ok so no more crowns anymore? we have to pay for skins? ok den

  15. if you get put in jail and accused of being CIA dont say we didnt tell you

  16. I'm thinking of doing a similar build, have you tested your thermals? Did you have to under clock your GPU?

  17. It gets warm nothing crazy I think one time I lost video due to thermals after it being on like 12 hours with a game in the background 2 screens and playing a video while I had a ton of tabs open and maybe I was streaming as well I'd say do it can't recommend it enough of you're willing to test out the thermals and all and optimize your airflow, I put an aio in there as well

  18. y no muestran detras de la camara quien lo controla con un cable de electricidad y una planta que debe ser pesadisimo de mover solo puede moverse como 10 metros a un lado o al otro porque se acaba el cable, imaginate un "carro a control remoto" pero con un cable desde el control al cable

  19. A ver, puede no ser Boston Dynamics, pero sigue siendo impresionante. Mi pregunta es si es de manufactura nacional, o regalo de los rusos.

  20. I tried it on... Fortnite (I know I know, I don't play it anymore) And it was good for a good part of the match and boom. Crashed, everything froze and the pc was unresponsive. Is there any other test I can do without taking out the whole graphics card?

  21. might be a cooling issue, maybe time for new thermal pads on your gpu

  22. check openhardware monitor and check your temps

  23. Where’s the fucking audio??? I want to hear the “ar du lit i fisig Magen”


  25. I hate that I know that case and hate it just had one can opening at the top

  26. El día que Chavez "ganó" para mí nunca ganó y siempre fue muy claro que perdimos la democracia usa después se fueron viendo las trampas cómo hacían hasta cuándo las de Maduro que la gente por fin abrió los ojos pero para mí siempre estuvo claro por eso tenlo por Colombia así paso en Bolivia igual y ahora en Ecuador usando a los indios o negros que no saben ni por que protestan los mueven con autobuses chinos qué casualidad

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