1. Oegon does nit have a color scheme. You can't have a scheme if it changes every single week with variations of the evem the colors themselves.

  2. I see people bringing up Duke a lot for the Big Ten and SEC, but why? They’re UNC’s rival, but the SEC/B1G would be devaluing themselves by picking two schools in the same market.

  3. 2002 Buckeyes. Clarrett strips the ball after a fumble. Absolute beast play.

  4. Mr Firefighter on the right is ready to GOOOOOO with that saw.

  5. I don't know if they still have it, but never get seafood boil from one of the shops inside Sunrise Market. Man, that was the worst food poisoning of my life!

  6. Reaching across passenger seat to take a pic completely turned sideways while potentially making a turn.

  7. I was actually a passenger and this is a still from a video, thanks for your input though 🫡

  8. My brother went there often, I only went there like maybe 3 times one year. He lived nearby as well and was a major clubber, clubby, cublilingus. I dunno 🤷‍♂️, whatever describes “that.” 🤣

  9. The girls inside the cages with their glow sticks pretending to make out was euphoric!

  10. I'm saying it now, Columbus needs a serious look at traffic enforcement and getting shit under control before it is too late. I mean hardcore enforcement of traffic laws i.e. turn signals, speeding, wreckless driving etc and right the ship. Otherwise, it is getting wild out here and going to get worse with Intel and other growth spurts happening bringing additional traffic.

  11. I drove to Nashville this past weekend and passed 1200+ cars by going to the RIGHT of them. Ridiculous.

  12. Really? We bought the house earlier this year, and they sent this request while we were moving in. We had a couple roofing companies come out to look at it, and none of them suggested that insurance should/might pay for this. But they were all pretty confused at the scenario, too.

  13. Hope for a storm to loosen more shingles.

  14. We’re hoping! But we just had that good storm a couple weeks ago and nothing budged, and they gave us a deadline so…

  15. You need to get q good, competent roofer out there who understands insurance.

  16. I’m tryna figure out my revenge (by making a fake order or something? Still in the spitballing phase). It’s doubly galling because here I am ordering my food FEE FREE. How hard is it to just throw my Big Mac order into the mix and take my money? Plus there was literally no warning or sign or anything so I sat in line like a chump for a few minutes not knowing I was about to be shooed away. I know it won’t make any dif to anyone but I’ll never go to that McD’s again. Especially since I have tons of other choices. Thanks for helping me make healthier food choices you bastards!

  17. How hard? If the POS is down or converted to online only, then the person working cant charge you for the order. 99% not the employees' fault unless they are intentionally doing this on purpose.

  18. Different owner, different stuff, same name.

  19. For a bunch of 50 year olds, that was a great show!

  20. The entire crowd got Rick Roll'ed. It was well done.

  21. We already know he will be playing for Hartline.

  22. Just imagine how many of those stupid things would be there if they were allowed. Not to mention how many just get dumped in alleyways already. They would be pulling them out of the park for weeks.

  23. Or instead of banning, setting up a designated parking zone so I can leave it and pick one up when I need one?!

  24. People don't return carts at the grocery store. You expect too much.

  25. Ok. We'll do what you suggest and continue the status quo.

  26. I have two landlords that I am willing to pay one month extra just to get the place but they told me to hold up the application and get back to them next week or so. But that thing is most of the time they don't even message you that it's gone.

  27. So you are willing to pay for the unoccupied time correct?

  28. Yeah. I found this house in German Village. The house is available by August and I like it so I said I will pay for August but will move-in in September. Still, I was blocked and said get back to me next week. and I did, then the house is gone.

  29. I also vote Greg. Cool dude, decent conversation to help alleviate the awkwardness, and overall 95% pain free considering the area he's working in.

  30. Ratliff just changed my roof this winter. 100% recommend

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