1. CJ Stroud as a pitbull would be unstoppable. Sadly, he has that Cali vibe and is too chill.

  2. I have to say that lavash pita is basically my favorite. Whose compares?

  3. 16 team playoff may let in 4-5 loss teams. Do we really want this?

  4. The Tennessee-OSU debate would be really interesting. Both have almost identical resumes. Both top ten wins (7 Alabama and 8 Penn state in this scenario) and both blowout losses to playoff teams (1 Georgia and 2 Michigan)

  5. One team is completellllly different without it's star QB. So is it a resume discussion, or best team at the time discussion? Only the $$ at E$PN can tell us.

  6. Which team is different without their starting qb ?

  7. I found it interesting Michigan did not come out until after the national anthem at OSU last week.

  8. Negative. Teams decide if they want to come out before or after the anthem, then tell their decisiontk the officials well before the game, and I mean a few days prior.

  9. Long story short, i saw a 2023 SUV with a "market adjustment" of $15k tacked onto it.

  10. Everyone assuming TCU will lay down to Mich or that it is a guarantee Mich will be in the natty is kinda funny.

  11. Any good electrician should be able to do this.

  12. Then 10-15k is about right. The amount of effort to paint a vehicle including all exposed metal is A LOT. You have to mask off a ton of areas yould not have thought existed.

  13. Damn, probably isn't worth it but I really want to do it, now I have a dilemma.

  14. No qb, wr, or rb but the best player of the country?

  15. If TCU wins, zero reason TCU should be anything other than #3 UNLESS they win the game 98-96 in 19 OTs, at which that may be worthy of some discussion.

  16. Da hell did i just see? My eyes hurt now.

  17. Probably due to people who have a green light but decide to take a picture of the road instead.

  18. Very, very, very nice facilities on the inside. Couldnt tell you a lick about the education, but the place itself is very nice.

  19. So if i understand correctly, Columbus Ghost Tours does this in the Boos and Booze tour? Or did you select the Leveque tour?

  20. You need to come and have a beer so we can discuss my campaign strategy and more importantly, to have a beer.

  21. I still value the Big 10 title as a fan and I'm sure Harbaugh/players do as well based on how they trounced Iowa in the CG last year. In a 12-team format with the 4 highest ranked conference champs getting byes, they'd be certainly playing for a bye.

  22. In a 12-team format, what value do Mich/Georgia have to play hard this weekend? Almost zero.

  23. They would fall out of the top 4 though. The byes and are going to the 4 highest ranked conference champions. And I think the 5/6 seeds are for conf champs as well.

  24. Georgia is not falling out of the top 4.

  25. Aren't most dogs mobile? (I couldn't resist.)

  26. Buckeyes fans, is this legit? Reading the article it feels like there’s no actual information in here whatsoever, it’s a fucking glorified Twitter thread, but is this guy plugged in?

  27. PSU is the best 2 loss team in the countey, and their 2 losses prove it.

  28. I'd be happy to interview you. I interview about 15-20 candidates a week at work for my projects

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