1. Merry Christmas Marshall… you handsome devil!!

  2. She was beautiful! Sorry about your loss. I hope this Christmas you can remember all the good times you two had.

  3. So sorry to hear that. She was lucky to have someone like you to really love her for the short time she had.

  4. Hope you guys have a great first thanksgiving and many more to come!!

  5. So sorry to hear that. She looked like a very sweet girl.

  6. Charlie is adorable! Hope he gets all the cuddles and treats in his new home!

  7. Such a sweet face. He’s lucky to have you to take such good care of him!

  8. What a very happy looking dog. Enjoy your time together!

  9. He’s absolutely adorable!! Older dogs have a special sweetness about them.

  10. He had the sweetest face. So sorry for your loss.

  11. Damn i'm no expert but really looks his fin got teared off...

  12. I think he may have?? Here’s hoping I can get him feeling better 😬

  13. It looks like his whole fin fell off. Are you sure he didn't snag it somewhere? Go through your decor and hardscape and see if there's any rough spots or sharp points that can do this. If there is, either remove them or sand it down. Check your intake too if its too much and see if you can baffle it more.

  14. Thank you so much. I will try your suggestion and see how he does.I did have one plant with a pointy part and I have removed it.

  15. She has the kindest eyes I’ve ever seen a dog have!

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