1. If there doesn't seem to be a pattern of where the weights are (odd 15s, even 12s) ask the front desk next time. They may not have noticed that the weights are scrambled or might tell you that they arrange them differently. If you don't want to ask your neighbor for theirs, flag the coach, they'll get you what you need.

  2. I'll be working out there next week! Do you like the studio?

  3. It's the policy at every studio I've visited along with signing a waiver. The CC is for the next time you book should you late cancel or no show they have a way to charge you.

  4. Just orange oil? That doesn't burn your skin?!

  5. So, there's flooding, downed trees, and power outages.

  6. Some of us just live in the red and have a high active heart rate. Your physician may have a more satisfying answer. My heart rate drops/recovers quickly so I ignore the color (I don't wear an OTF monitor anymore, just my garmin) and carry on!

  7. For those who don't like the straw spouts (like me) the 32oz Contigo Autoseal water bottle is the perfect water bottle. It fits in the tread holder and holds a lot of water. Also, it's impossible to spill (just press the button to drink) and comes in either plastic or stainless steel. I have so many of them now, lol.

  8. Contigo for life! Costco sometimes carries a 2 pack!

  9. Everyone seems to have you covered for your questions, but I spotted that you only have 7 classes left but you only attended your 1 free orientation, correct?

  10. My first class was a trial but was not free because the studio is in a different city. I live closest to this one (its a mile away) but since my address is a different city, my trial class would have cost $30. If you sign up the same time, your out of city trial cost fee is waived

  11. But it still wasn't, not really. They took a class away and those have a value. You should still have 8 classes remaining if they waive the drop in fee.

  12. at 25w pregnant I don't think I'd want to look at videos of sexy people but maybe that's just me!

  13. So wondering what they wrote! 😂

  14. They said to watch music videos etc of sexy people for motivation which I'm sure works for many but I'm *guessing* that in pregnancy isn't quite the right thing

  15. Yeesh. I'm gonna say our screens are full of "sexy people" yet most of us are struggling. 🙄

  16. You can not wear your monitor. I doubt they'll kick you out for not wearing it. You just have to be prepared to always answer, "why are you not wearing your monitor?"

  17. I have never ever been asked that. It must be studio dependent.

  18. I honestly prefer running outside. I've always hated treadmills. It's easier to motivate myself with new targets to run towards instead of staying in one spot

  19. Treadmill running I have to count people's reps (in the mirror) since there's not a target distraction. Yesterday's hopscotch template was perfect for that 🙃

  20. I’ve started wearing my plate carrier for the tread block to change things up. It helps me to focus on things other than counting down the time remaining on the longer pushes.

  21. Amazing!! This is exactly the information I needed :) thank you so much, this is very helpful

  22. And then stop at the dog beach because it's so much fun to see the pups frolic!

  23. I’m the opposite! I’m in orange/red zones for at least half of the class and it wasn’t like that before 🤷‍♀️. It’s annoying! I feel fine. I’m not out of breath or struggling. Just that my heart rate is on the higher end of my max. I don’t know how to fix it. Does anyone have any suggestions? I started doing Lift 45 and I get splat points for that too 😡

  24. Take off your monitor. That's what I did. My heart rate is just really high once I get started. It's kinda liberating not to continuously look at the screen and conspire myself to the other boxes.

  25. So, I get this but it’s not about comparing yourself to other boxes. It’s about your coach knowing where you are at. Wear your HRM for your coach!

  26. You must have different coaches. None of mine actively coach to heart rate and unless the class was empty they wouldst know which station corresponded to which monitor.

  27. I just acquired a 4 month old puppy, plus I have a skittish foster, a velcro dog, and a very ancient senior. You just carve out the time and do it. If you work from home the dog needs you to leave otherwise you'll be dealing with separation anxiety. If you're kennel training it'll give you piece of mind for the couple of hours you're out. Enjoy!

  28. What does “back to back” stand for. Been at OTF for two years but I sure if I’ve done/hears of this

  29. I think it's a new one. Coach today said if you like the Chipper you'll like this one.

  30. One coach kept saying, "grab your load" and I'm sorry but..

  31. Everyone pretty much covered it. But to your other point, your arms seem larger but without noticeable definition. You could be retaining water and have an increased blood flow post workout making them larger. You could be adding muscle and not losing weight/fat making them larger. Either way, I measure success in being stronger and feeling better. Body recomp takes time and effort. It isn't usually a fast road no matter how we wish otherwise.

  32. Sometimes it’s too difficult for me to carry the very heavy weights, so if there is space, I’ll just do my dead lifts or squats in front of that weight rack.

  33. This! I'm not trying to drag 70s across the floor and back, nothankyou.

  34. So 2G. You want 2G. (kinda, I realize the rower is more often mixed with the floor than the tread)

  35. 😂 sorta. There's generally minimal rowing in 2G classes so I wouldn't mind more of it, like a dedicated 12 min block. Basically, less running but keep the floor as long as possible.

  36. Hear me out: Lift 45, but make it 60 with 15min of rowing somewhere in there.

  37. I like that! I was thinking lift 45 with the 30 min run/row smoothed together.

  38. If you're going to buy one they pop up used on here and resell app - so no need to pay retail.

  39. I have always had a very easy time getting splats. My heart lives in an elevated range. The number on the screen didn't accurately reflect my effort. I wasn't about the collapse and I didn't want the red on the screen convincing me I needed to dial it back. So I stopped wearing mine.

  40. My go to flours are King Arthur Flour and their website/customer service is awesome. They are available to ask questions and their recipes are very well tested.

  41. Can you attach a camera to the counter ledge across from the oven (if there is one). A clip on base would take up less space than a tripod

  42. Do you preheat it before adding the dough or is the Dutch oven room temp when you add it?

  43. I preheat my enameled cast iron (both le cruset and Tramontina from Costco) and no issues

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