Weekend Discussion Thread for the Weekend of June 04, 2021

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  1. Can confirm just picked this up at strawberry fields in Columbus it’s pretty fire, I’m going to be trying all of the new live resin pods by Klutch

  2. I have been religiously getting the Grow Ohio Pods because they are full spectrum and taste like weed smells, layer cake is the best. Today I finally tried the HON pods Bc they were 30% off lol I got Falcon Berry, not sure if it’s because I haven’t smoked in a day or what but I’m ripped. I usually use the GO pods all day everyday so it was a surprise to get baked like that. The taste is kinda fruity with a hint of weed mixed in not too bad, but it definitely worked for me. I guess the ones that aren’t in the wyldeflower series are supposed to be better than the ones that are, they have different terps than the botanical ones used in the wyldeflower series by HON. This falcon berry kinda tastes like the Klutch pods honestly as I sit here and take a couple puffs. Not quite as weedy as GO but still good.

  3. Like my professor Sang Soo Kim would always say, “sometimes I have a rice for dinner and a sometimes I have a lice for dinner.”

  4. Have her watch the "It's Only Smellz" video.

  5. I was going to say “don’t worry, it’s just smells” 😂

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