1. I’m just going to say this, I hate all these immediate rematches. Unless it’s controversial or razor thin get back in line work your way back up.

  2. Spend the extra $5 an try the white label

  3. Full yellow stripe black outline would be sick.

  4. how was the paint? swirl marks? Taking delivery of a black 2018 monday. Passed by today a lot of swirl marks showing in full sun. Kind of desperate...

  5. Actually paint is in good condition must have been garaged. Some scratches and scuffs but it is 9 years old.

  6. Not hating but Tia looks out of gas, not her normal killer instinct. Is Shane there? I haven’t seen him.

  7. What the fuck is that final crossover shit? I watched 30 minutes of heats only to see that bullshit? Cmon. Talk about some weird ass circus act that has no bearing on fitness

  8. Disagree, much like the pegboard in 2012. They try to test them to find holes in their training. I’m here for a little failure ( says the guy who couldn’t do a single leg squat) 😀

  9. I was leaning this way....then I looked at the Danielle Brandon. She got lapped by Haley but finished only about 70 seconds behind her. So....clearly thats about where the judging started to fail.

  10. I was wondering about that, I love DB but thought…How did she make up that much time and finish in the top 10?

  11. I would go with Bisbing on short notice, love the guy but didn’t think he had a chance. My favorite was Holm kicking the crud out of Ronda. I had said for a long time that I wanted to see how Ronda reacts when she is punched in the face.

  12. Baby, I’m going to lick and suck it til you beg me to stop, and then I’m going to fuck it!

  13. That right there is absolute perfection 😍

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