1. Lmao looking at the schedule, we arent going to win a game in the next two weeks. Tank for Wemby is on.

  2. We don’t even own our first round pick

  3. We’ll be lucky to not be in the play in at this point

  4. Cancelo is obviously elite on the ball but he’s championship level defensively

  5. He plays at his own pace. Other players obviously play at someone elses who sits remotely and controls them.

  6. If they could be trusted they would be given the ball but they can’t.

  7. The two fights have nothing to do with each other.

  8. This World Cup is off to a tremendous start, upsets, great goals, exciting games.

  9. I wonder if club teammates speak to each other while on international duty

  10. Football needs a tense final at this WC ending with a late goal or a penalty shootout. 2018 final had no suspense to it and that was so ass.

  11. This is coming from the same guy who tweets he’s retiring all the time and has been mad inactive since 2016

  12. If both stroud and young are gone what’s the move??

  13. Anthony Richardson if he goes to the draft

  14. Panthers lost and Lions won? Beautiful.

  15. This Qatar team is Sunday league level

  16. There was a report players liked Matt Rhule too so I wouldn’t be too disappointed yet.

  17. 2019 Edge rushers. Brian Burns, Josh Allen, Nick Bosa, Montez Sweat.

  18. Who's between Miz and Mark Henry? Is that Evan Bourne?

  19. So is Owens injury not that serious then?

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