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Routine Arrest In Chicago Goes South Real Quick

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  1. Ive lived here my entire life and it still feels like controlled chaos.

  2. Is his whole muzzle broken? Like ... are his teeth not where they’re supposed to be or am I crazy?

  3. The entire skull is crushed and the spine is broken in at least three places. The dog was thrashed.

  4. Works with people that don’t speak English. That right there just told me everything I need to know about this dude.

  5. What do you mean? He wasn't saying it as if there's something wrong with them not speaking English, he was saying he's socially isolated even when at work.

  6. I mean yeah, if I accidentally parked like that I would pull out and straighten a bit but she's not parked illegally, she's not over the double line. Why is this guy trying to make a federal case out of it?

  7. She was telling him to move his car...

  8. I was like 10 years old when my friend said she had a disabled cousin and it hurt her feelings when people did that and I never did it again. Karen is like 50 and still hasn't matured more than some 10-year-olds.

  9. How does one "expose" something that is already completely out in the open?

  10. That R2D2 scene and the whole general vibe of the droid on that film was really inconsistent with the rest of the franchise. I still don't understand what they were thinking when they did that.

  11. people need to retaliate more. I know sometimes you freeze/panic/dont know what to do but damn, that guy is really trying to hurt him, swinging back is way better than yelling/crawling under the table

  12. He got sucker-punched with a hook to the head from behind, so he probably couldn't see straight.

  13. I mean crystal clear X-ray but the positioning is awful, why are the knees in this catogram

  14. They aren't obstructing anything and the cat may have been uncompliant having its legs extended.

  15. Idk, the format pretty much feels the same to me more or less. The format still requires more than 15 sideboard cards to cover all of your bases, so you still have to pick what to lose to this week... I do think there are fewer fringe decks being played, thought. You have always had to have a good reason to stray from a meta deck and now I believe there are fewer good reasons to do so. As a brewer myself, I am more often led back to something so close to a meta deck that I might as well just run a meta deck. For example, UR control is a deck I have always loved. I am, however, finding it unjustifiable not to run unholy heat without handicapping myself to a great extent. So of course that pigeon holes me into DRC/Bauble for delirium...and since Im now so GY focused I really should run see where this is going.

  16. I saw a GDS player win through blood moon by casting their spells off Jegantha lol.

  17. "obligation to the family." Sounds like they want a slave.

  18. Tune the UR murktide sideboard to fight elementals a bit. Aether Gust, Subtlety, Dress Down and see how it goes.



  21. $225 in tips a week? That's like half a day's tips...

  22. Can't wait to find out Mars was a planet we inhabited before Earth, but we destroyed it, and left for actual Earth a million years ago.

  23. Fetch, DRC. Land, Shredder, Bauble, trigger, trigger. That is probably getting you delirium turn 2 pretty often. I think the card is great. Looting is insanely powerful and usually tacked on to a very vulnerable creature.

  24. Depends on some things. If you need a certain card that turn, like a land drop or a spell to discard to shredder, you want to surveil first so that you have two chances to then draw into the card you need. If you don't immediately need something that you don't already have, getting to scry after the loot you make a more informed decision about the scry.

  25. All survived what the fuck. Humans are resilient as all hell

  26. Life is random as hell. 50 cent got shot hella times and is rich and famous now and some people die through random small occurrences.

  27. You know the examples they use are specifically calling out people that work there. Total dick move.

  28. You said it yourself...No way to reason because they are being unreasonable. ned to me and it really bothered me too. I am calling back a client about a fucking Rx refill from the message machine of course and the man literally says "what the FUCK do you want?!" to me. I was stunned and just sat silent for a moment before saying I was from so and so hospital. He must have thought I was someone else because he goes " my Rx ready?". I tell him yeah and hang up. Repeated shit like this is how you turn a nice person into a selfish one.

  29. "I got my feelings hurt so I went to get affirmation from other assholes and they said I was right".

  30. Who could have predicted mothers day would be busy? Places like this deserve to be abandoned. No restaurant is good enough for me to support that.

  31. The first volley was clearly unjustified, they asked the dude to put his hands up and he complied. I cannot even imagine how they'd excuse the second, that was just flat out murder. The fact that the guy still managed to comply and put his hands up after being shot multiple times is unbelievable, he went above and beyond to show he wasn't a threat and they gunned him down.

  32. Once they shoot the guy they would rather just kill him so he cant represent himself.

  33. The right front wheel has some kind of mechanical failure mid-turn.

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