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  1. Probably a stupid question but does this fit R2?

  2. nice color matching, everything looks so in sync and gorgeous!

  3. Thanks! The board/caps/mat were all so wanted by me, the artisan and wrist wrest were gifts from a great friend. I really love how it all turned out.

  4. I’ll take the hate! But I’ll give back some love, I hope you end up with a dream setup too.

  5. I thought 40's were a stupid meme but tried one cause my friend kept bugging me about them, and well, clearly I took a liking to them lol

  6. Second column bottom row is that uhhh, oh it was something to do with cows right? I love that board.

  7. I was thinking clarabelle the mini 1800 for some reason

  8. Simple hand wired. This is iteration 7 which I really like, going to try it for a few months before I “polish” it and commit to making a pcb or something

  9. I'm in love. She's out of my league but I'm in love.

  10. Actually if it could hold for a little bit so I can get an equity loan for a new roof that'd be pretty nice. But then yeah crash.

  11. Still a gorgeous board! I'm sure you can come up with some way to make it look like you did it on purpose. That's 3/4 of the fun.

  12. I've been really wanting to start making some sound diffusers, really love the way these came out. Where did you come up with that idea for the router?

  13. Maybe sand it down a little bit? Collect the dust, mix with glue and use that as a filler.

  14. They look good! I can’t seem to get a decent mini on my ender 3 when using supports. Any tips?

  15. Thank you! I am using Cura 3.6 and running the (Cura) Siepie CR10/Ender 3 - Small Minis PLA Base 1.0 profile provided by

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