1. Bangladesh doesnt do this because it supports Ukraine,it does it because it is afraid of sanctions

  2. nobody prohibits Bangladesh from trading with Russia,it has the right to do so as a sovreign state

  3. Tankies brain will shutdown if this happens,as their brain is not physically capable of comprehending the fact that other countries can also support coups and regime change in other countries

  4. Nu ajung. Astea-s povesti de adormit creduli.

  5. Maia Sandu a avertizat azi ca o lovitura de stat e iminenta

  6. Daca e la fel de adevarat ca rachetele "rusilor" cazute in Polonia sau ca rachetele rusesti care au intrat in spatiul aerian romanesc, as zice ca Moldova poate sa stea linistita.

  7. totusi,FSB-ul sa cacat pe el cu atacul de la Hostomel din prima zi a razboiului

  8. si mai sunt dobitoci care cred ca daca Ucraina pierdea Russia se oprea la granita cu Moldova

  9. I thought they finally offshored this to people who want homeopathy insurance needing to pay a premium??? Did that not go through?

  10. it was dissmised because it is a small amount(around 47 million euros paid by public health insurance)

  11. cand va avea loc un cutremur mare in Bucuresti o sa fie un dezastru

  12. Tu stiai ca 90% din companiile vestice inca isi desfasoara activitatile economice in Rusia?

  13. A report documented a total of 2,405 subsidiaries owned by 1,404 EU and G-7 companies that were active in Russia at the time of the first military incursion into Ukraine.

  14. lista asta a circulat peste tot,dar a fost dovedita falsa

  15. Since the Ukraine war half the west on reddit/twitter/discord somehow assumes that theres the city of Moscow and the rest of the country is enslaved non-russians who dream of independence.

  16. Russia still has other regions that can be succesfully decolonized

  17. I doubt a very strong ethnic identity in Dagestan. It's the most multiethnic region in Russia with dozens of official languages

  18. that didnt prevent them from being the hotspot of antimobilization protests last year

  19. if they end up in the hands of the Lithuanian Army,they will end up in Ukraine sooner or later

  20. I wonder if Ukraine/world media is talking it up more than it is to make defeat of it worse to the Russians...

  21. today's appliances consume 80-90% less electricity than the ones before

  22. the even better news: opposition to sanctions is falling in Germany

  23. 2020 was the year when oil prices briefly went negative and then remained lower than previous years ,for the rest of the year

  24. a bit unrelated,but i find it ironic that two of the most anti-Russian politicians in Europe are named Boris( Boris Pistorius and Boris Johnson)

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