1. The most beautiful part of the store is that they support indie authors like myself!

  2. CGI parrot's and dog's role was more powerful IMO. Dunno about powerful but it was memorable in the worst possible ways.

  3. Bacha le lena chahiye tha and sun roof band gaadi 3 Rd gear pe 🫡

  4. Her speech reminded me of Kim Kardashian's " Get your a** up and work." It seems as disrespectful to say the least!

  5. No you are not saving lives, your husband is. You are not putting in work, your husband is. She is making it all about herself. My husband isn't a doct and there is always a space between us in our professional lives where we appreciate each other's progress but don't interfere. As much as I believe that a doctor is successful only because their family is their cheerleaders, they don't bear even 5% of what the doctor has to through on field. Arrogant much!

  6. On screen she is the one I wanna watch over and over again. Off screen she is the next door aunty I want to avoid while going to or coming from work. As a woman battling infertility since 3 years, hard disagree.

  7. Same, love her onscreen. You know she actually had a buzzfeed video where she gave rude answers back to annoying aunties?

  8. 100% correct. We make bollywood an epitome of progression when there are just mindless, tonedeaf, regressive thoughts by them are dominating the internet. I am yet waiting for a movie that highlights infertility organically or brings a light on woman who was told by the world that she won't be complete without a child and yet remained child-free and the happiest of them all. I wonder why such social issues aren't picked up.

  9. This is such a slap in faces of people who are actually working tirelessly against TB in the National Tuberculosis Elimination Program.

  10. I am a doctor working in the field of infections. Now I am venturing into public health with the role in policy making and implementation. Healthcare and national programs related to that in India are not a joke. I am not discrediting any other profession. If she has studied TB from field to lab to hospital to morgue, my salute to her. However, if she hasn't it's just a mockery.

  11. Reminds of the time Joey used a thesaurus to write his speech.

  12. Ott pe jayegi aur kya, udhar hi dekhna hai. Average reviews honge pr hype karegi performances. Log bolenga wah pankaj tripathi karishma was refreshing to watch n sara has "improved" alot. 7 days news cycle program over.

  13. Vishal Jethwa in Mardaani 2. The satisfaction of watching Rani hitting him to death is priceless!

  14. Of course. Also the kids have grown in such atmosphere that it's very rare to connect with other careers. I mean just to cite an example that if the parents are doctor and have the hospital, the parents are generally keen to pursue their kids in same field. (Even if the child is dumb) Or even family business. I have personally seen such examples.

  15. As the daughter of the doctors and a doctor myself, I agree. My parents really pushed me into becoming a doctor and then running the hospital which I never wanted. Stood by my words and now I work in public health organisation. Really disappointed my mother (dad is no more). So your and OP's perspective are relatable to me.

  16. Anubhav Bassi could be but looking at TJMM trailer, I think he is better at stand-up comedy. I hope I am wrong. If Rahul Dua, Abhishek Upmanyu, Akash Gupta etc are roped in, they might be next class comedians.

  17. Really? His one line delivery was probably the funniest in the entire trailer. And he said in exactly the right tone. I mean, God knows whether he'll be good or bad in the film, but he was hardly there in the trailer but still he was funny

  18. Nah. She also maintains good chemistry with male heroine's.

  19. Do you have any books you’ve already read that you like? I’d love to give a suggestion that you would enjoy rather than list off my favorites because our favorite genres may not be compatible with each other haha.

  20. I’m going to be biased here since it’s my all time favorite series in the app, I’d say the it lives series. If horror/mystery genre is your thing then you’re covered. Also, your choice does matter because you can kill off any of the main characters and it does effect the story and it’s sequel.

  21. I’ve read it in a single sitting , I was so overwhelmed when the book ended😭, also ig people in Bollywood who’ve not come out( in reference to -sexuality) marry other people imo 😭

  22. Probably the most compelling story about film industry and the actresses' lives. So honest, raw, and amazing!

  23. I can imagine Rekha fitting into the role of Evelyn Hugo and Deepika Padukone playing the journo. Incredible book, thank you for mentioning it here.

  24. Lamhe kind of movies are something YRF can't make anymore even if they try. So full of love, grief, hope, and melancholy and we feel all of it.

  25. Azul, Ticket to Ride, Exploding Kittens, Codenames, belly battle, photosynthesis, jenga, Life, Risk, no thanks, Pictionary.

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