1. I don’t understand why there are so many yellow cards in the first 5-10 minutes in matches. How often does that happen in real life? Maybe 5% of matches? I’m getting yellow cards in 1 minute all the time in FM lol

  2. Beyond Kobe forcing his way out, he was the 13th pick. Just in general you’re not expecting to get a great player like that in that spot, Kobe was just an anomaly.

  3. Marxist Libertarian is an oxymoron which is fitting because you seem like quite the moron yourself

  4. I haven’t but I totally should. Scouting is the weakest part of my FM skillset so far - this looks very helpful

  5. The funniest thing to me is that you only have two weeks to complete it lol.

  6. The fact that his tackling is actually higher than his finishing lol

  7. I love Korniienko, great little signing even if I don’t have the slightest clue how to say his name

  8. Broken bones heal quicker and better than ligaments; Fofana has already come back from his injury and has looked better than before, so subjectively, no, not worse at all

  9. In general maybe but a broken leg is an extremely serious injury - often career ending

  10. Pace can make up for cb deficiencies IMO. He'd be a good widecb due to his dribbling and passing stats. Maybe not nessasarily in a back 4 tho due to his lacking defensive stats (if your cl quality).

  11. Doesn’t like big matches but great attributes. Obviously it’d be better to find someone who is okay with or even likes big matches but those players might be more expensive or worse attributes. Personally I’d probably spend the money on a more reliable player but that’s just me

  12. I signed him and he lost doesn't like big matches for some reason and he also lost his green consistency sadly.

  13. I guess difference in opinion between you assmam and scout. Good luck with the new signing!

  14. I don’t know anything about him, what’s he like?

  15. Also managing Barcelona, can confirm this is the dream.

  16. What is this with clubs wanting our players without giving up their own lol. Been happening all window

  17. Not a Celtics fan, this thread just popped up on my suggestions, but aren’t you doing the same thing to Birmingham Alabama that you are mad is happening to Boston? Coming from someone who’s lived in Alabama, that’s the same dumb stereotype that frustrates you with Boston

  18. Start with squad battles on World Class difficulty (at least) to learn skill moves. The passing and defending patterns are pretty different against real players but it doesn’t sound like that’s necessarily your issue

  19. Financial issues or something? The back to back relegations from a recent PL side usually makes me think bankruptcy (at least irl)

  20. If he turns out as good as he did on my football manager save we are set

  21. I know this isn’t really the point of this post but does lack of flair ruin him as a DLP? I’ve long thought that flair only mattered with the ball at your feet and thus passing, technique, vision, and decisions were the important attributes for a creative passer. I have no idea how flair would factor in there.

  22. Just took over Barcelona midway through the season, told them I’d qualify for the champions league in the interview. I didn’t realize how bad the injury situation was before I took over - I’m 99% sure I’m getting sacked.

  23. Money supply and debt are absolutely linked. They increase the money supply to fund new expensive programs - hence why the money supply has been way up since overdrive COVID spending started.

  24. Money supply and debt are definitely linked, but there are no "expensive new programs" as is there is a lack of tax revenue coming from corporations and the top income bracket. More revenue = less money printing.

  25. A little column A, a little column B. I know I’m in the minority of Reddit and definitely don’t want to get into political discussion on

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