[Cincinnati Bengals] First look at white helmets

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  1. If the Blue Jackets put yellow on their jersey, they'd get booed out of the state.

  2. I don't know about that, the Crew has always had black and yellow.

  3. I'm pretty sure I saw it last week when I flew out of cmh on Friday.

  4. Meijer has the bivalent one already. Got mine yesterday out on Hilliard Rome.

  5. Have you tried asking your playing partner to keep score for you?

  6. I always keep track of how many over par I am in my head so I have this issue no matter who keeps official score.

  7. I drive past that building regularly and I haven't seen any progress.

  8. I don't think they said they will be making the official jerseys. Just got rights to the branding to make higher end apparel.

  9. Why the dumb music. It's so much better with just the original commentary and crowd noise.

  10. The name and numbers look like the Fortnite font. A perfect fit between Laine and kids night.

  11. I can confirm it is the fortnite font, at the game they had fortnite skins of the players up on the jumbotron the whole game.

  12. Yeah, that's as cheap as I have seen resale tickets going for.

  13. Check Finnish C2C-sites like or You can find tickets starting at 200 euros.

  14. Thanks, I was looking through american Google and didn't see those sites.

  15. I don't know about a certificate but I'm pretty sure they will give them a first game puck at the customer service desk by the pro shop behind section 111/112.

  16. He was good in Human Giant but no one seems to remember that show.

  17. You do realize the internet is a thing, right?


  19. Those are gone now. I almost cried when I found out.

  20. Krystal Burger is better if you can find one. Same thing basically but with pickles.

  21. Columbus Blue Jackets reebok cross check jersey the red and gray one. Size L

  22. Definitely the only thing the Cincinnati Zoo is famous for, right?

  23. Also famous for having the last Passenger Pigeon and last Carolina Parakeet.

  24. Whats weird about this, the primary logo sucks.

  25. Didn't know they were having a sale now sold out in my size, damn.

  26. Korpisalo 100%. He has merzlikins on his heels and had under .900 last season.

  27. He was playing on an injured hip so I could see him bounce back after getting surgery on it.

  28. Dancing Kevin before he lost all the weight. Pretty sure he famous fan retired but I haven't been to a game in a while.

  29. Yeah he moved out of Columbus so hasn't come to games in the past few years. Last time I saw him was maybe 2018 or 2019 he came back for a game and they did a little segment on the jumbotron about his weight loss and danced one last time.

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