1. Preheat a sheet in toaster oven on 425 convection. Toss it on sheet once it’s at temp. Check every 2-3 minutes.

  2. There’s a lot of pseudoscience and terrible advice in here.

  3. Strictly in terms of weight loss/gain/maintenance, yes it is empirically about CICO. Weight loss can't happen without being in a deficit.

  4. If you’re truly focused on calories - yes, it will work. Can you provide any empirical evidence that says it doesn’t? Or that it would be impeded by other factors that aren’t extreme edge cases?

  5. This is like saying “I’m trying to broker a peace deal” while mashing the button to launch ICBMs.

  6. Evaporated milk works pretty well.

  7. Quickbreads always need a tin unless you’re making a flatbread/tortilla. Then it’s basically a pancake before you bake it anyway.

  8. Well I used 1kg of flour, 13g yeast, and 650g of water at 37⁰. And 1 Teaspoon of sugar.

  9. This might be a dumb question but how late in the 2022 release cycle was it when they transitioned from sensus to AAOS? I took delivery of my s60 in September and it’s sensus.

  10. Just a small note: even a couple hours of proofing+fermenting will make massive difference in the final texture and crumb. Going right from knead to shape to bake doesn’t let the yeast do any of the heavy lifting.

  11. Bring to a hard simmer, cover but leave slightly cracked, 275 for 2-3 hours.

  12. Why would you microwave either of those things?

  13. Use half for a French toast casserole.

  14. Can you post your recipe? It’s hard to say without knowing flour type, hydration, proof & bulk ferment times, etc.

  15. There’s a huge difference between canned sauce and homemade, and making it myself turned out to be super easy, so I always do that now.

  16. Any favorite green sauce recipes?

  17. More yeast and less time proofing is typically done at room temp. But even with very small amounts of yeast (1/8-1/4 tsp) this doesn’t exceed 18-24 hours in most cases. You get into too much fermentation territory.

  18. I just got Paramount and burned through most of three series, all really good.

  19. What’s wrong with the dimensions listed on the all clad site?

  20. They’re the same dimensions as the 3qt on WS. When I emailed All-Clad directly, they gave me the same dimensions as the 3qt. They haven’t got back me since then.

  21. The two PDPs I’m looking at have different dimensions:

  22. King Arthur’s pumpkin loaf has a nice orange hue to it without being overly pumpkin in flavor. Just adds a nice color and texture to the crumb.

  23. You can put the whole insert right into the oven. If it’s just chuck roast you can’t really mess up. Set oven to 300 and cover the insert with some foil. Check for tenderness every hour. Aim for 205 or so.

  24. Apple butter - can be used in lots of savory and sweet applications.

  25. Peanut butter and red pickled onion sandwich.

  26. What type and % tint did you go with for your windows?

  27. This post put me over the edge. This sub is officially a simulation and full of trolls.

  28. I've just put down a deposit for the XC90 ultimate, likely to be delivered in March/April 2023 as per sales (this is in Toronto, ON). I'm really interested in the EX90 when it's released, so looking ahead. I still want the size and I love the feel of the XC90, so wondering what the smartest option is for a potential trade in when the EX90 is available. Same salesman told me it's being announced this year, production in 2023, and I likely won't see one for myself until end of 2024 if I'm lucky. So definitely do not just want to wait that long just to get into an XC90, and I really like the 60km range of the overnight charge on the 2023 XC90 recharge so I'm pretty happy for this to be a stand-in vehicle until then.

  29. I think you’re overthinking it.

  30. That’s correct. I would start off in hybrid to be more efficient. At higher highways speeds the car will balance hybrid and pure to improve efficiency. If you input your destination into google maps the car will try and conserve electricity range depending on your trip (e.g., save electricity for street driving etc.).

  31. Really? Even through google maps on CarPlay?

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