1. What does her doctor say about her weight and growth trajectory?

  2. Keep temp the same and monitor browning and internal temp. Large loaves take longer and are a little more forgiving. Internal temp should be 205.

  3. But when the dough is ready, you need to be ready. Can't leave the house for too long whe you're proofing dough.

  4. Proof in the fridge. Gives you 2-3 days of flexibility instead of 1-2 hours.

  5. Lao Gan Ma on anything. Especially vanilla ice cream.

  6. When you go through and setup the campaign they are suppose to give you the option to setup dynamic remarketing but im not seeing the option anymore

  7. Are you trying to run DSA or dynamic remarketing?

  8. Dynamic is an ad group type not a campaign. So create a search campaign, input the domain, then create a dynamic ad group.

  9. There’s nothing wrong with beans.

  10. Why is a western grumpy old American doing this voiceover lmao

  11. Bread. But ritz or saltines work in a pinch too.

  12. Next time make ATK’s cream biscuits. Super low effort, delicious and they freeze great.

  13. I used to make my own, but the buy at the store kind is just… better. The quantity is perfect, it’s easy to handle and it crisps better. It’s on my list of things that you shouldn’t bother trying to make. I also used to make my own tortillas, which was also easy and quite good, but I discovered that I like my tortillas heated / a little burned over the flame on my gas top. The corn tortilla packs are cheap and the tortillas hold together much better than the home made.

  14. There is absolutely no way store bought is better. I know this is subjective but you’re wrong.

  15. Sure, so the new US federal credit of $7500 only applies to certain vehicles which are manufactured and a certain amount of battery components must be US based. This criteria only applies to individuals for personal use. If you bought a '23 model Volvo XC40 Recharge in 2023 after the new law took effect you can not take advantage of the credit, because the manufacturing origin is Ghent, Belgium. Right now there is a loophole in the $7500 credit that says corporations can take advantage of the credit regardless of manufacturing origin. If you lease the vehicle Volvo owns the vehicle so the credit goes to them, and they can choose to pass those savings on to the lessor. Not all manufacturers are passing the saving on to the consumer for example Hyundai is not.

  16. Got it - thanks for explaining. Sounds like it's up to the manufacturer/lease holder to pass the savings on.

  17. Just run brand search. Problem solved.

  18. It’s unlikely that the oven is the issue.

  19. Make your own loaf of bread. Let it get stale. Spray with vegetable oil, season and bake until crunchy.

  20. It was more like $110k in spend. It is in that ballpark because we probably capped out on the 4% gas spend. Either way it is broken down in the image. What other card would provide better rewards?

  21. Almost a thousand a month on restaurants? Is that personal or business?

  22. Fucking love brisket. That was gonna be my guess anyways so it’s perfect :)

  23. Don’t do brisket. Do a chuck roast.

  24. For whatever it’s worth my commute and driving is similar. You’ll use enough gas eventually that it isn’t an issue. Right now I’m averaging a tank every 4 months, 2k miles, or so.

  25. It’s close but I think it’s a yes. I use mine at least 2-3 times a week. Rice, polenta, oatmeal, lentils, beans, quinoa - does it all.

  26. I struggled to get interested in into the breach. Tried a couple times and after an hour or two it just never stuck. Did I miss something? Keep trying?

  27. I almost always have cooked rice on hand, so that + a can of sardines with some microwaved veggies and a couple of fried eggs on top.

  28. There’s a lock to unpack here but let’s rewrite the title a bit first.

  29. Any recommendations on which rice cooker to get? They seem like simple appliances.

  30. I have a zojirushi and love it. I know less expensive rice cookers are great too.

  31. You have essentially created a quick sourdough. By adding more yeast you have sped up the rate of fermentation. Essentially your bread is gonna taste better. BUT it doesn't need as long to proof. Hope it turned out well for you.

  32. But sugar slows down proofing and fermentation.

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