1. Given her age it isn't out of the realm of possibility. Plus she can rewind her time to make it so it never happened. She doesn't particularly like people though.

  2. Don't play shooters against her. Turns out she's a crack shot.

  3. That would be such a giant spoiler that I really don't want to ruin it. It's like one of the big lynchpins of the story.

  4. It ended with Vol 16. But I would honestly suggest reading 13-16. They contain some small details that were cut. They are short.

  5. By any chance do you know where i can read them or do I have to buy copies

  6. They aren't officially translated yet, so you can only read the fan translations online. There js a DaL Discord server that has them. Search around this subreddit and you will learn how to join the Discord and where to find the epubs of the LNs.

  7. Part of her is still struggling with it. Eye Patch Kurumi represents the part of her that is will to admit that she has feeling for him. Regular Kurumi is still trying to convince her self that she can go through with her "mission" by being detached from Shido.

  8. The Encores are hit and miss with me in regards to how they treat Kurumi. They attempt to round off her sharper edges and make her a little silly at times. However, that is also where the most stories about the Heavenly Kings come from, so it is a wash.

  9. It's a big cliffhanger. And, yes, it gets super sad.

  10. There is an arc later where we get that event with Mio was roughly 20 years ago. So if she is 16-17 when she becomes a Spirit, that means at minimum she is 36-37.

  11. I think the finale realized the author's vision for the end of Vol 16. Dramatic, great reveals, some death and mayhem, naked Kurumi, and a nice cliffhanger. This episode avoids a lot of the things I haven't liked about this season. It didn't feel rushed and the animation was consistent throughout.

  12. The poll is being judged by a biased audience. That said, the finale hit all the right marks. I think it did a better job of explaining the situation than Vol 16 did.

  13. S4 has a different studio, and changed the style a little. But I think other seasons may have been done with different studios as well. This series has a tumultuous past with studios that I shop is over.

  14. She came close. The girl has been through a lot, so maybe she has developed a thicker skin?

  15. There was no spacequake alarm so no doubt civilians have died as well

  16. Kurumi, when Kurumi asked what their relationsip is in front of Sawa's grave, his response was "I DON'T KNOW, I SUPPOSE FRIENDS IS THE RIGHT WORD. Yeah you heard that right, "SHE IS IN FRIENDZONED TIER. A big hit for Kurumi die-hard fans here.

  17. That was pretty brutal. I don't know if he was being clueless or just didn't give a riff how she felt. Kind of a dick move.

  18. Let's face it, that's what Nisio Isin was going for. A very confused boner.

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