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Mitch McConnell Is Hoping People Just Forget He's To Blame For Abortion Rights Being Obliterated

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. Lol I refuse to pull up one of these grids, I like my tv and that's enough

  2. Glad to hear it. We've had entirely too many films that ran out of original ideas and try to cater to the greatest demographic numbers to maximize their profits. Sometimes, you can make a great movie that doesn't try to do that. Plus I've had a thing for Michelle Yeoh for more than 20 years with the Jackie Chan movies.

  3. This is why studios should fund these smaller movies more instead of the same superhero movie every 3 months

  4. Look up the ps2 HDMI converter on Amazon it's only like $8. It works pretty good if you're just casual about it.

  5. Just vote Trump in again and your country will have a leader again. Not a dilutional dumbass

  6. He also sided on blm and defunding police and went back on that too. He’s toast come election time

  7. I'm pretty sure he said he was going to give police more money

  8. Did they do an episode on Donda? I'd like to hear that.

  9. Hating on someone just for who they are born as makes you no better than Israel, you'd think most people would see that.

  10. They walk on the memory pad things and it says "We remember it so you don't have to"

  11. You gotta love that in 1984 Sheena Queen of the Jungle was rated PG. The first 30 mins of the movie Tanya Roberts runs around topless.

  12. Get sunglasses emo bitch Tetris ultimate forever

  13. Me neither tbh, it's what my r4 card is registered as

  14. This video could've been 10 minutes instead of 30, very poorly paced.

  15. The Cowboy Bebop movie hasn’t gotten a Blu ray right? If not, it could be a ripe choice for being the Twin Peaks of animation in that the series has a regular great Blu ray and the movie gets a criterion

  16. I bought it on bluray last year for $20 on ebay

  17. That’s too much for me. I get that a criterion would be more but at least it feels more worth it, unlike a Blu ray that should be in print but isn’t for some dumb reason

  18. It was me and one other man who decided to sit directly behind me

  19. Crazy how everything everywhere all at once cost a tiny fraction of this movie, but looks 10x better and the story is 1000x better

  20. The worst part of the movie was the cameo scene, but it did have a nice pay off

  21. How fucking cringe to read my history because I'm not fawning over a boring movie.

  22. Yeah, I don't want to risk it lol. There's no reason for me to go to the eShop anyway.

  23. So you're not going to do nothing and vote for Democrats right.. Right?

  24. Voting does nothing, I can't say what ppl should do to make their lives better because I'll get banned and put on a list.

  25. Carlin was more of a lecturer than a comedian. The Gringo Papi is funnier than this guy

  26. Right, did Carlin even hump any stools? That's a mark of a real comedian.

  27. Why would you watch marvel movies outside a movie theater? It's like watching a recording of a rollercoaster ride.

  28. Enough people would have to report to a Reddit Admin

  29. Reddit is run by power high volunteer nerds, so they won't do anything lol

  30. Not as fucked up as killing millions of babies but yeah

  31. Have you looked your own post history recently?

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