If it works, it works

Sometimes you just got to dance with the doots.

When you come across a feel-good thing.

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  1. It’s called Boucle get squishy cushion, your welcome!

  2. I used to own a book series called diary of a Minecraft zombie I still own them somewhere but they where actually really cool as a kid

  3. Uh uh I see Kirk was trying to figure out the Vulcan neck pinch

  4. Who in there right mind thought this was a good idea

  5. Man my Gul dukat sex slave part 1 story can’t be finished in time!

  6. I have stigmatism in both my eyes and it’s like one big blob that’s how bad it is

  7. I remember every time I got these I thought they where blueberry and I couldn’t put my finger on the flavor for years because I thought it was some blueberry concoction but it was just vanilla

  8. I'd be way too paranoid to leave that stuff

  9. The title is “everybody needs a chance at love” meaning they likely adopted the baby

  10. Or maybe she had AI because he couldn’t but they wanted to raise a child.

  11. Yeah I mean white people holding a dark baby doesn’t instantly mean that they’re oblivious to the baby’s skin color and the mother cheated why does everyone assume this?

  12. I literally breathed and said out loud “hell no”

  13. What am I looking for? Hate to be that guy but fr need a little help

  14. Man wouldn’t it be nice to just hit that with a sledge hammer

  15. What is the title to this post like if you showed a window cleaner or anyone from literally the 18th century you’d be burned for having a object that shows images on it they wouldn’t even know what the hells on the screen lol

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