1. Rolling guard if you know it’s coming or operator void mode if it’s on cd.

  2. That’s provided you know it’s coming though unfortunately sometimes you don’t realize till you are dead :(

  3. I personally enjoy the orthos prime, good status and decent crit, throw on blood rush, condition overlord, 60s for viral, carnis mandible, crit damage (I think it’s organ shatter), gladiator rush and the crit damage one (gladiator might?) works pretty well for anything I take it into though I haven’t tried steel path works well for arbies and sorties

  4. I absolutely despise the debt bonds if I’m being honest, but I appreciate the help!

  5. Magnetic pull hydroid - slap on a bunch of range, efficiency and some duration.

  6. I have a buddy that ADORES hydroid, I will have to tell him about this build, he said and I quote “I don’t know why but something about being a puddle just vibes with me”

  7. I'm not really sure what is meta or not, but I'd say Loki. Really love his concept, and the way his kit is designed.

  8. I have always liked Loki’s theme but I could never enjoy playing him, maybe I should give him another go…

  9. Bro u gotta make a Smurf to play with ur friend. Can’t just be dropping ranks like that for nothing

  10. I thought about it but I would feel like hot garbage for that, I hate running into a obvious smurfs and it’s no fun to stomp players that have a fraction of the mechanics and playtime that I do

  11. Riven is 140% crit chance 100% status chance 100% heat damage -85% status duration

  12. Lol man I feel you. Mine was crushing ruin on Lua spy which I never got actually but traded to someone who was running the spy for rime rounds. If you want those btw Im pretty sure I got spares if you're on PC. My ign is Shadow1964209

  13. You're right on the drop location and drop rates. You can check the wiki

  14. I was afraid that was the case, thanks for the confirmation and tip about the Kuva fortress I will have to start running that!

  15. I wasn’t suggesting JUST adding higher level enemies though right now there are plenty of player who can handle steel path so I don’t think more levels would necessarily be the worst thing I was mainly pointing towards a more objective based focus on the missions we already have. Making things more mechanically difficult by forcing players to play the objectives maybe lowering their health or shields? I’m not a game designer but I think it could diversify gameplay by incentivizing more players to build for supporting whatever objective they happen to be doing. Maybe in survival life support charges drop less frequently or give less life support. As for the endless mode I know they already exist but this would make it so people who want to do level cap runs aren’t stuck doing the same thing over the course of however long it takes so that level cap is more interesting to do if that is what you want to do. Finally, Raids have already been in the game and I think DE has the skill to reintroduce them in a good way that plays out well without being a Gear check. I personally don’t have an issue with Fassionframe but I don’t see why there couldn’t be multiple things to do in endgame in a game that is continuously updating and evolving and adding content.

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