Set times for all three days, I got y'all

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  1. i mean how else would they do it? neither are going to not be a headliner for a fest like osl. maybe chella or lolla but not osl

  2. Would rather see both of them headline different days. Both bigger than sza in my opinion

  3. Firehaus. Forgot that bar existed haha. Decent food though and best Sunday night deal ($2 top shelf!)

  4. As an LA resident, I can say confidently that Gavin newsom is the biggest Chode ever

  5. As someone who hasn’t watched the derby in a long time I have to say I think this format sucks.

  6. Just out of curiosity can someone explain the “error” or is this a joke I’m on the outside of?

  7. Not sure if you're being serious or not but I had to look it up. If you look at the second picture you can see that the lettering in the word "COSMOGR APH" is spaced weird. The "APH" is off by itself giving this error it's name, making this model more collectable. Apparently, the black dial version is more rare but only Rolex really has the data on production numbers so who knows how much rarer it actually is.

  8. i see it now, thanks. outta my price range to take a gamble on i think but a sick sick watch

  9. Just curious- do you feel differently after it has been shared that he wasn't eligible for a FOID card but his dad "vouched" for him and he was able to get one?

  10. 100%. Very bad move on his dad’s part to sponsor the foid card knowing what he knew about the threats suicide knife confiscation etc

  11. I’m from hp. Shit like this shouldn’t happen anywhere. Never imagine it in your hometown. Could be a former hphs student? Friends mom was shot but should make a recovery.

  12. I attended illinois for undergrad and usc for grad school. There’s tons of similarities between Los Angeles and Champaign, IL. For instance, both cities have a mayor

  13. Michigan has some pretty strict academic standards, especially for transfers. Cost us Shannon this off season

  14. Lol Michigan continues to live in this altered reality. HUGE difference in academic standards and curriculum requirements. Shannon was able to transfer there but would’ve had to take summer school like every other grad student at Michigan. Huge difference in being required to follow curriculum guidelines and academic Standards of admissions

  15. I remember seeing a chart of SAT/ACT stores and GPA and whether or not those students were accepted into duke, and I remember seeing one with an around 2 GPA and 800 sat that was accepted

  16. We had a thing in high school we could use to see data of every kid from our high school the last 5 years who applied to schools if they got in or not, etc. gpa and test scores. I went to a pretty affluent high school and it was known whose parents were big donors of certain schools so on the chart there’d be like a best fit curve and those outside who got in you could almost always pin point who the kid was lol

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