1. I had the same thing happen with the panther yesterday, I never even saw it coming and it smoked me, and I couldn't find it again. I left the area, slept for a day, and came back to look for the telltale tracking tasks for the legendary animals, the yellow sparkles you see in deadeye.

  2. Ride to the railway bridge to cross the river, then to the dam that crosses the river near the northern Blackwater border, then ride to Blackwater. There is an alternate method of crossing the river border to Blackwater which involves jumping a gap on a decrepit bridge, but it's too risky and unnecessary.

  3. Thank you so much, am I supposed to do the same with the other legendary animals?

  4. Legendary fish are mailed, FYI. There's a quest associated with the fish that requires you to post them to the quest giver. Pelts do go to trappers though, as others have said.

  5. Unless I'm misremembering I'm pretty sure you can go to the sheriff and tell him the prostitute murdered some people

  6. Shit, is that a thing you can do in this game? See some shady shit, go and narc to the cops, and they get thrown in the jug? I know about bounties you can get, but can you grab strangers? Like say I run in to some O'Driscolls that ambush me, can I keep them alive and get bounties on them?

  7. It would be both Strauss and Micah. Wasn't aware that Chapter 2 wouldn't progress immediately if they weren't done. Figured they were prerequisites for that mission.

  8. I meant you have to break him out, but don't have to do his second mission which allows him to come to camp

  9. Gotcha. Didn't remember there was a part 2. Good to hear I can still keep the rat away for a bit longer.

  10. How bout skinning medium sized rodents? Grab a raccoon by the tail, shove your fist up its ass, grip and rip. LOL that was an interesting one to see for the first time.

  11. Same as a duck - cut it open, rip the guts out, wrap guts in cloth, stuff wrapped guts in bag, chuck the useful stuff on the ground - not very realistic.

  12. In the short term, pretty satisfying. Long term, though, letting him live is pretty fantastic. Always pleases me seeing the little peasant kids chucking rocks at him as he wallows helplessly in the gutter lol.

  13. When do you get this scene? I've let him live a while ago.

  14. Hmm. Well, according to the wiki, something like you're exeriencing is not totally unheard of:

  15. There is an old warzone with trenches, bulwarks, abandoned cannons, etc somewhere between Braithwaite and Rhodes. Sorry, don't have the game in front of me now, someone help me out with the details here. It's in the south there, West of St Denis...

  16. So this dude rapes Arthur? Phew, I was extremely suspect of this guy when I ran in to him last night, felt like such a trap. I was a bit paranoid when I got the honor loss after blasting him thru the doorway... wondering if this feller just wanted to give be some nice cajun cuisine.

  17. Yeah Syanna is a freak. Right at the feet of a giant's corpse, too.

  18. Going to the wedding with Shani while possessed by Vlodomir. Only good part is when O'Dimm shows up at the end and tortures his ghost.

  19. I actually really enjoyed that quest.

  20. That wedding DOES have gwent, however, so there's that.

  21. My problem with it is that it's NOT Geralt. It's this loudmouth gypsy bandit miscreant, and you have to sit there and watch him schmuck around for a prolonged period of time wearing a horrible outfit with a shaved face and obnoxious haircut.

  22. They also usually gives him a prize at the end tho👀

  23. This Toussaint artist collective party is the king stinker of parties. No gwent, and no plowing the duchess. What's the frickin point?

  24. If you wear the ornate red robe you get from Iris' house in HoS, there is an alternate dialogue from Henrietta

  25. Dang really? Different than if you actually bother to show up in proper attire?

  26. Of you go to Menge and let him torture triss you have to be careful and dont start a fight with him or raise suspicion.

  27. Damnit what the hell, I obviously missed something last go around when I let Triss get tortured. I don't think I've ever triggered it, I can't remember Sigi ever giving me a hand when I come knocking for help with the Hunt. It must be the bit about Philipa, cause I can't recall that as ever being an important decision so I must be defaulting to the wrong answer there.

  28. Everytime you go to the Witch Hunters Hideout Geralt says to the guards and to Menge that he knows the location of Philippa because Menge wants to kill her very badly, thats a kinda automatic dialogue, i dont think its up to you to chose it

  29. Shit there is obviously something else I am missing here, I can't remember Sigi ever helping me, torture or not. Next time around I am going to have to remember to look it up and figure this one out.

  30. If I remember right, one needs to choose to "summon" Detlaff as opposed to going to find Syanna. The method of getting in touch with Detlaff which Regis is horribly afraid of. Guessing you went in to the fairytale land to grab Syanna?

  31. Yup!! Don’t like when Anna dies, but thx, now I know. This round I will choose the Elder option. Thx brah. The last time I chose the elder, nothing happened at the end, except the same ending as always, but that was back in 2019

  32. Ever done it? It's super cool. The Unseen Elder is one of my favorites, very spooky, very cool story. He is the only thing in the game that makes Geralt look like a mincing pisspants.

  33. Keep them, they weight nothing and will be useful down the road. I only dismantle materials when I need something for crafting and one of my things can dismantle in to the necessary ingredient.

  34. Geralt beat him because he took the time to learn about his foe, about O'Dimm's propensity for making deals and playing games with his targets. Geralt uses this knowledge to bait O'Dimm in to a showdown and claim victory at O'Dimm's own game, on his own turf, and in turn banishes Master Mirror from Geralt's realm (even if temporarily). Not all victories are won with sharpened steel.

  35. Nah geralt didn't know shit about the guy, he just crossed his fingers that his little stunt would work out.

  36. Geralt knew enough to beat him. The Oxenfurt professor he talks to gleaned from his research (commissioned by Olgierd) of O'Dimm that there was one such case of a man beating Master Mirror, and Geralt follows in his footsteps. Yeah, it sure seems like O'Dimm could stop time and shove a spoon through Geralts eye in to his brain, or inflicted any number of horrible fates upon him, but he doesn't. It seems as though O'Dimm only curses/punishes people who cross him, it's his way of dishing out justice, something Geralt never deserves in O'Dimm's eyes. Ultimately the scoreboard is Geralt:1, O'Dimm: 0.

  37. Assuming I know it's a clear path, maybe 150. I've played several times though. Any obstacles, rivers, city restrictions, or rocky terrain, the number goes up.

  38. She DID run afoul of her land's tradition of extending generosity to beggars when one came knocking. Of course it wound up being Gaunter O'Dimm she crossed, shit luck there, but she still frigged up.

  39. I tried to rummage through his pockets for his gwent deck. Whoreson guards probably beat me to it.

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