1. No, that's why I called it the "old" Generic Business reason. "Other Rejection Criteria" has taken its place because it was used too often as a default reason, I guess. I think it should still be an option because there are many nominations that are truly generic businesses.

  2. even thoe it looks super generic I think it's eligible now. Another user here put in the link

  3. is anyone else having trouble being stuck at the start up screen

  4. Yes. After a few tries it finally opened, but then it crashed shortly after ...

  5. yeah its rough, i've noticed for me it takes about 3 mins to sign in/load up but then after the game does work, slightly laggy thoee

  6. 0/16 right now, nothing since zacian, i definitely think they got nerffed

  7. Pokemon Go photo likes only, normally a few days in advance. I have thoroughly tested this this year and all results are consistent with this.

  8. would you by any chance know how many days in advance is a safe bet ?

  9. I asked about this recently, and 3 days is the accepted answer. That said, I got lucky with one that I up voted only hours before, but that was pure luck.

  10. I agree, I'll copy paste what i wrote before.

  11. Man, I just wish Sinnoh Stones could be bought or something that is more easy to get. I have been extremely unlucky with getting them through all means

  12. you get a lot in pvp, i only keep 15 and have to toss a lot of them away every week

  13. Is it only battling against your friends, or also in GBL? I have been trying GBL but so far still nothing

  14. I only GBL, i get them through the 2nd win item slot

  15. i have a 100% Alakazam that i can't use a Charged TM on during the event to get psychic, that really sucks, it's not like im not going to be doing mega raids, i need the energy. Small quality of life updates like being able to use normal TM'S during a special event for a specific pokemon would be a huge boost for moral from the player base because it'l actually feel like niantic and the players are on the same page. It'll just make the game feel more fun instead of always feeling like I'm missing out, for example saving to evolve a 100% IV pokemon because there may be a community day in the future, it just feels like the wrong way to play

  16. If you don't have the candies already, is there anyway to actually evolve a beldum?

  17. i used about 50 rare candies for it, i think its worth it since its such a good attacker and how rare its move is.

  18. AJ Styles suddenly gets chills while watching Nia Jax walk into the room with her phone in hand, but does not know why

  19. This is a very lovely area I can tell and from the gameplay side clearly the type of stop that Niantic wants, but I’d expect it to get rejected. So do your best on the initial submission and then think about if you want to appeal it and wait 6 months for a Niantic employee to approve it, or to try submitting multiple times first.

  20. Thank you so much, I'm taking all your guys advice and it's really helping me a lot on how to formulate this. I looked on the city's website and it says this area is called a rest stop and is particularly important for people with limited stamina, difficulty walking long distances and use mobility aids. Should I add that in the supporting information ?

  21. Was this build by a development? If so, see what the website has for a map and what they have labeled that area as. It would help for supporting info.

  22. i looked into it, its called a rest area and according to the city documents they are particularly important for people who have limited stamina, difficulty walking long distances or standing for extended periods, or use mobility aids

  23. Here are the differents updates on mega energy earned by mega raid since the beginning of mega evolution :

  24. you should get 100 mega energy per 20km. Walk it for 19.8km and them give it a poffin. You should get the 100 mega energy then walk 0.2km more for another 100 mega energy

  25. Is this a suggestion or a tip? (Asking because I need to stock up on energy)

  26. i guess both lol, but yeah like CremeRoti said, you have to have mega evolved at least once to be able to get mega energy while walking. Another tip, the faster you complete the raid the more energy you can get, so i try and use discord to get about 6-10 players for the raid. With that amount of people you can usually finish the raid in the first quarter and end up with 225 mega energy

  27. Looks legit to me. The niantic digimon crossover is all anyone can talk about these days

  28. nice looks dope congrats, just a quick tip, shiny legendaries will always be caught on the first try so its a good idea to use a pinap or silver pinap on them for extra candy

  29. I get to ace rank every season, and for master league I just use cheaper ones.

  30. gottcha thanks, i have a melmetal but missed the Garchomp and sylveon community days. I just started again before deino community day. I really want to also be able to max out my childhood favs thoee like mewtwo and the kanto birds even thoe there not the best

  31. Try to get a good Walrein during December community day wrap up. It's stupid strong in all leagues and uses 2 legacy moves

  32. okay sounds good, thanks for the advice

  33. Well, if you use free pass for 2 and half months with mega 3 that boost XL candy for legendary, you will be able to max it (296(XL candy reqiured to max out legendary) divided by 4 (average XL candy gain after catching raid with mega that boosts it) which is 74 (days) so arround 2 and half months.

  34. yuup agree with that, only problem is the 74 days lol. Usually the raids last between 7-10 days, which means it can take years to max out 1 legendary pokemon since i believe they rotate about 1 or 2 times a year

  35. As a returning player the rarity of XL candy makes the whole master league just not possible for me. There should be a way for the every day player to be able to max out at least 1 legendary every month or two. That way you have goals to look forward to and want to play master league instead of just being like yuup I'm never going to be able to do that. I don't want to have to drop $50-$100 to max out 1 legendary pokemon

  36. dammmn im sorry thats some horrible luck, from what i seen the odds are 1/10. Both me and a friend did 10 raids each and got 1 shiny each, oddly enough from the first raid we did

  37. omg yes please, i've literly missed the last 2 and im going to miss the up coming one for a family birthday party, baptism and a wedding. 2 days Saturday and Sunday would be perfect to work around. I feel like most people also have at least 1 of those days off

  38. the Growlithe and Sneasel are egg locked, that's basically pay to play

  39. the Growlithe and Sneasel are egg locked, that's basically pay to play

  40. try and keep meta relevant pokemon for pvp. The iv's your usaully looking for is close to 0/15/15 for great and ultra league. For master league you want close to 15/15/15. I know you didn't mention pvp in your post but you never know when you might want to play pvp and finding good iv pokemon for it is tough

  41. so does no one give people 24 hours and then take out gyms? like i at least try to make sure people have the opportunity to get coins.

  42. you don't need to give it 24 hours, only 8 hours 20 mins a day to get the full 50 coins

  43. good stuff man, hopefully everything works out for you guys, maybe since you live near the gym you guys can work out some sort of schedule so everyone gets 50 coins a day. My areas pretty chill, i usually take out gyms in the night and the other teams take out my pokemon during the afternoon. I've even noticed they sometimes they take over one gym then wait an hour for me to get my 8 hours and then knock me out at the second gym near by so i get my 50 coins. I've never met them but the respect goes both ways

  44. The first one is from an egg hatch. The new one my gf actually caught on the toilet as a 4* and was rubbing it in. I figured I may as well catch it for the candy and got lucky too. It was also weather boosted which helps alot.

  45. as long as your both level 30, the iv's and level will be the same

  46. what rank are you ? so far im like 0/15 rank 20 not ace yet

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