Revenge on my MIL who was horrible to me for years and THEN decided she would wear the exact same dress as me to my wedding.

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  1. Hi! I’m new here and wanted to say hello. I just started my period for cycle #10 and am starting to feel actually disheartened for the first time during this whole process. I had an HSG this cycle and was feeling more hopeful than usual which makes not getting pregnant this time seem harder I think. I ordered some maca…it’s not like there’s much we can do to really feel like we have any kind of control over this process, but maybe trying a supplement will help give me the illusion of doing something new. I’m already temping and using OPKs, having well timed sex, exercising and eating appropriately, we know that I’m ovulating and all my labs are fine, we know his sperm is adequate, and we know we’ve already made a perfect little human who’s going to be two years old soon. So what’s the deal?! Anyway, hi there :)

  2. When you’ve gotten past this hurdle before it can be a sucker punch out of nowhere when it’s revealed there’s a chance it’s a one and done situation :(

  3. Hi! My name is actually Laura. I’m new here, but not new to this reality. Domestic abuse survivor, happily married again now for 3 years. Done all the stuff up to IVF - got our first $ quote on that. I found this sub because Google doesn’t ‘get’ it. Other infertility subs don’t get it either it seems. My precious kiddo arrived during personal hell. With the trauma from those days, I hardly even remember her little years. Makes me bawl just typing that. I’m desperate to give the 3 of us the opportunity to do it from a place of health and stability. For the kiddo - to give her the siblings she’s always begged for. For him, to give him the experience of being there from the beginning. And for me, to redeem the past and bless the future.

  4. For some reason, your post is resonating with me today. I completely understand the hesitation with costs. I'm only mentioning this option in case you hadn't heard of it before, have you seen embryo adoption? Since you mentioned traditional adoption, I thought it might be an option for you. Basically, you can adopt embryos from a couple that has completed their family through IVF but still has embryos remaining from their own treatment. There's a Christian organization called "Snowflakes" through Nightlight adoptions that can help facilitate this. It's different from embryo donation, because you can have a relationship with your child's genetic siblings, and more information about your child's genetic history. There are secular organizations that facilitate this as well. This was an option we explored with our own issues due to limited insurance coverage for treatments.

  5. I had heard about snowflakes years ago and forgot about it. Thank you for the tip! I’ll look into it and see if it’s doable. And thanks for dropping in to say hi a offer support to a stranger ❤️

  6. Has anyone had success with ICSI with MFI? Our IUI was cancelled this week due to v low sperm count after washing. And now deciding what to do. The cost is obviously a huge leap. Just after experiences. Thank you

  7. From a medical standpoint, and perhaps even financial, straight to ICSI could be less expensive by the time you graduate off Reddit infertility subs. If you can manage financially, my personal opinion would be that’s the best path for you with MF. (Just a healthcare worker who reads journals obsessively, so take that for what it is lol!)

  8. Am currently making 6mm solid polycarbonate lids with several cutouts for a customer to their specs. just need to find someone willing/able to do it!

  9. It’s for a 24x11 lid with 2 cutouts. I’d be interested in a ballpark quote!

  10. Maybe a custom cut plexiglass lid

  11. That’s a good idea! If you’re in the US, do you know of any place that can or will do that kind of cutting?

  12. I cannot imagine that to be safe for fish. Most eat other fishes eggs, so those beads would be down the hatch. Not to mention the pure lack of ethics of putting wildlife in there!

  13. In hindsight, I probably WAS a bit scary to them. I was full on goth at the time. I gave up the most extreme part of my goth phase a few years later after I tried to help a little old lady who'd fallen over and she screamed in terror when I approached.

  14. Priests need friends and coffee too. Source: I married one.

  15. There’s no shame in euthanizing in this scenario. Someone could have fished him out of the lake anyways. So the life you gave it isn’t bad in comparison.

  16. Hi! I’m the one who sends you your codes. Been working until I can’t see the screen anymore tbh. You should have gotten your replacement in the last couple of hours.

  17. Wow, very cool of you to respond on here! I also work some pretty messed up hours. The new code works great, thanks for all your hard work!

  18. So glad to hear that! I’m not here in official capacity, just off duty and found y’all on Reddit. I feel like I know some of you after seeing your submissions regularly.

  19. Well I already contacted them, thing is the code should be working 100% cause it worked for the Fortnite item, and I just bought the comic today so there's 0 chance the code has already been used, sure I used it for the Fortnite item, but it legit says on the back of the card in the comic that the code is on, that it will also work for a free digital comic on , so idk what's going on at all

  20. We had issues with that issue - so if you haven’t already, you can submit for it on marvel redeem help. Just wait a week because Fortnite is keeping us busy.

  21. It took Marvel a week and a half to get codes back to me the week of NYCC. They seem to be slow as hell lately.

  22. Marvel just emailed me all of mine.

  23. That tank was gorgeous, and the tiger barbs really looked spectacular! There was a little cheat sheet on the side of all the Oase/Aqualife tanks with the build/stocking info. I took lots of photos of this tank, it was my favorite.

  24. The label was gone by mid Sunday afternoon on this tank. It’s neighbors still had theirs though of course.

  25. Your tank is more stunning than half of the ones I saw at aquashella this weekend!

  26. What structures do you have the Xmas moss on? And did you superglue it on first?

  27. Haha thank you! She’s two and still has a tiny kitten face. I told her vet that we have a real problem because she’s too cute and fuzzy, and it’s a real household distraction.

  28. I came here to say the same, and compliment you on your dedication to giving her the best Cat TV a feline could ask for. Just don’t make my mistake of also giving her a fishing hole if she is fully clawed!

  29. I think a big ‘ol water change might be the way to go. Thank you so much!

  30. You’re welcome! Let us know how it goes!

  31. Unfortunately I think that would end up contributing more ammonia to the mix.

  32. From everything I’ve read and been told, very little of the percentage of BB is in the water column. The filter and substrate are the biggies.

  33. Wowwwww these are seriously stunning. I really wanted golden wonders but these are crazy cool. Can’t believe they weren’t on my radar. What is your ph and hardness around? I heard they prefer softer and lower ph and I don’t feel like I can provide that.

  34. Mine thrived in a high Ph with super hard water.

  35. They look like gardneri’s killis to me (which I think is the same thing!) either way they’re gorgeous. Would love to get some of these guys someday

  36. My Garderi looked like this. Loved that fish.

  37. bro what about the expert challenges that require to play multiplayer? They gave less time for the challenges and now we're going to be out of multiplayer for a month. Thats a lot of lost time

  38. As a low level Marvel employee, Nintendo looks airtight with its crap together from down here lol.

  39. So many personality disorders in a human not currently serving time…impressive. Also scary. Very scary.

  40. I'm very conservative. I used to be dead-set against socialized medicine. But our current system, based as it is on a vulture capitalism...and I would encourage you to read about private equity in health so malignant that I don't see any other option. The only problem is that our permanent governing class is so corrupt that any system that filters its way through the shark pack of special interests will manage to incorporate the worst aspects of both socialized and private systems into some unholy, VA-healthcare style abortion. Depend on it.

  41. Burned out EMT here to say “same”. Sadly Doc is right on all points.

  42. The US should move our healthcare model to be like the UK/Germany/Australia’s. The free market in healthcare is so evil.

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