1. I got the Mercier specifically because I hate carrying around huge containers of setting powders when I’m traveling, and this is perfect! Perfect size and works really well. The eyeshadow stick is nothing special… not super pigmented and it does crease. I would like it in another shade to use as an inner corner highlight because it is super creamy and easy to apply.

  2. Yup, I got you! This is what Highlight sent me: have them apply here today:

  3. I used your code last night and got excepted this morning. Thank you!!

  4. Do you have an invite code for let’s highlight? ETA- I've been experiencing the same issue for several months now! I went from booming with bzzagent to crickets and now a sudden influx from Influenster.

  5. Hmm. its saying its invalid? 🧐 but your kindness made my heart so happy 🤍 I can't thank you enough for that.

  6. Ok, highlight got back to me and sent me the following: have them apply here today:

  7. Same, haven’t gotten anything in about a month and not in any active campaigns. My brother however (I’m a F) has gotten a few surveys for lip products and even got a Fenty lip oil! So maybe we just aren’t the right demo right now.

  8. Yes same exact for me. I emailed them and they said the blush was wrong and the primer is right and they will update the campaign to reflect that. A bit disappointed, I would have preferred the blush tbh

  9. I got this one as well and laughed because I have so much hair that this likely won't even cover it all....

  10. Haha literally same! It can maybeeee cover half my hair. Not sure how to write a review on that

  11. I found that when I’ve gotten last chance emails I hadn’t gotten the original email but I’m also more likely to be chosen for the campaign, so hopefully you get it!

  12. Sure did, but I figured me chances of getting something are really low..

  13. I got the meat and it made me want to be vegetarian. 😂😂🤣

  14. I think Influenster messed up royally. I have had the campaign on my dash for over a week and haven't had it show up in informed delivery along with hundreds of others in the campaign discussion. It looks like they put us all in the campaign but are sending the boxes to others. I'm sure you'll have it pop up on your dashboard as soon as they take it off of ours.

  15. Nice! Just got the men's one in the mail today! Full sized, 100mL bottle.

  16. I got this yesterday! But I doubt I’d get anything lol. Good luck to you!

  17. Haha same! Influenster doesn’t ever send me makeup. I say Nyx on there but I wonder what the other mystery brands are…

  18. I usually use the shades to figure it out, the concealer is Dior!

  19. Mine is a bigger size than sample but smaller than full size. Less than an ounce.

  20. Have you been able to submit a review for this? The link still isn’t working for me…

  21. I did too! I second a prayer for full sized.

  22. Have you been able to submit a review for this? The link still isn’t working for me…

  23. Have you been able to submit a review for this? The link still isn’t working for me…

  24. Ooo congrats! I’ve gotten a sample of this before and it’s amazing!!!

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