1. Was expecting there to be more of an access to the existing roof. However knowing that this is okay, it seems the old gable vent is the only way across the addition and the rest of the house

  2. Anyone seen anything like this before. Our garage has been prone to water leaking in during rain so I finally took off the drywall and noticed a pretty bad state behind. I’m curious why a weather treated 6x6 would be used on one wall but not on another

  3. Curious if anyone can help me identify what my dog is feeling. We have a few contractors over and the dogs outside are going nuts (which he doesn’t like). So I decided to place him in his new crate with a mint bone w/ spa music playing and I’m observing this now. It’s been about 10ish minutes and he’s more okay now. This is a completely new crate for him. Typical behavior when he hears dogs outside the house is whining (since we’ve at least trained him out of barking back, except for a very sharp alert bark whenever they start barking)

  4. Any tips that can help a newbie gardener? Wife and I just transplanted these plants a few weeks back but it already is looking like we’re going the wrong way in the process. We try to get water in every 3-4 days for 30 minutes a day (drip system)

  5. Your everyday office worker watching the construction crew from my window. Trying to figure out what the blue pipes will be used for

  6. The wire fence and everything to the right in a straight line is our property line (point of reference: pics of bottom view)

  7. Im not skilled at yard design at all so I’m open to all suggestions :). My first step is to remove the thorny vines. And after that I’m thinking I want to dig back the dirt behind the shed and add a retaining wall. What would you do in this area?

  8. Is this attached to the house? If not, jack it up and put a row of cement blocks under the walls.

  9. The current assumption is yes but highly unsure. The garage used to be standalone but the previous owner adding a whole room addition which now butts up against the garage. There is a door connecting the two spaces

  10. Weed, 100% weed!!! Lol jk but it looks super interesting.

  11. That’s what popped up when I tried reverse image searching 😂

  12. Was the work done by pros but they skipped the permit to streamline the project? Or does it look hacked together?

  13. Mixture of both. I’d argue the plumbing, tiling, and windows look like they were done professionally but everything else but electrical definitely has some hiccups that I would expect a licensed electrician to not do (I.e. no junction box and loose wires binded by electrical tape)

  14. Thanks for the quick responses. Will read up on switch loops*

  15. Lowes and HD both sell mounting blocks in the vinyl siding aisle


  17. Never ventured into the sidings aisle, definitely an oversight. Thanks!

  18. Hey all, I live in a 1940s house in Seattle, WA, USA with an old Bryant Panel. I’m trying to learn what deems a panel as bad/dangerous and would be grateful for any information or articles to educate myself (I will not be performing any work myself 🙂). Each time an electrician has came to service my house the old panel is one of the first comments. I was ready to pull the trigger and upgrade but I’ve included the quote I got from one company and that price tag hit me like a brick wall. I understand it will definitely have to happen eventually, just trying to figure out where to include it on my priority list

  19. Found this in my upstairs crawlspace. 1945 house. Haven’t gotten around to tracing the wires yet

  20. The box was what I found it in. Found it by bumping into it and it was directly under the plastic lining

  21. Thanks for the comments. Got a confirmation from a local exterminator as well that is the case


  23. If you get already assembled, KCK is a solid choice.

  24. I appreciate the comments. I just went in and removed the slivers. They popped back out quickly like they knew and agreed they weren’t supposed to be there in the first place 🙂

  25. Overall it looks good but as I said it seems like you gave too much space between the tiles so you can see the individual ones that look crooked. Also your layout should be measured out to make sure you don’t end up with small pieces. The grout/caulk should cover everything you are unhappy with but at the same time you did it, so you know it’s there, and you’ll be looking for it, so you’ll always see it.

  26. Thanks for this. I took a look at some of the tiles leftover I can sort of get at what your getting at about the space

  27. I’d say they’re about the size of cupcake sprinkles. Location: Washington State. Outside on porch

  28. Thanks all for the suggestions. I ran my hand over it and 2 sides actually feel okay. I’ll go back and finish up the ones that need more

  29. Wasn’t able to come to a clear conclusion during my research so wanted to ask for you all’s help. This cast iron(?) flange is sitting about 1/4” (from the bottom) above the finished floor and the top is about 1/2” from the floor. Should it be replaced? The house was built in 1945 so this likely is still the original piping. When we demo’d the old tile there was water damage to the subfloor behind where the toilet would be

  30. So the tile is new and you didn’t repair the sub floor or try to fix the old flange/pipe or floor before the new tile? The flange should sit flush with the floor. If not, the toilet will not seat properly. If you’re doing that much work and there is sub floor damage, open it up, cut the pipe back. It’s pretty easily cut with a sawzall and metal blade, and add a rubber boot to the CI pipe and a new PVC flange for the toilet. What I’d do.

  31. Is the tub sitting atop the wooden material? Do you care if you raise the height of the floor substantially? What is the material you've chosen for flooring.

  32. The tub is sitting on top of the same material. The area under the tub looked substantially better than the rest though. No we don’t care about raising the height of the floor and our final flooring will be tile

  33. So then I'd cut out that material altogether along one of the joists to get the soft wood out and replace it with 3/4 ply (cause that material looks 3/4, but use half inch if that's what you've gotta do to make it meet) and then go over that with my ditra or 1/4 cement board, whichever tile underlayment you prefer.

  34. Thanks for the advice. Made it to the hardware store just in time before they closed to pick up plywood, so about to go this route

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