1. Humans are notoriously bad at adapting and learning new things🙄🙄🙄🙄

  2. This is a problem with your sister, not the husband.

  3. Leader? Are we sure it wasn't a very slow dance off? Maybe a snail trial.

  4. I sadly came out of an abusive relationship and met my (I guess now ex) husband. I had lost all my friends by that point and that was a decade ago. I literally don't have anyone. I know that sounds untrue but I'm homeless shelter level friendless.

  5. I've been there. Just like it takes one bad day to lose everything, it takes one good day to turn it all around. You have something to offer other people. Do them a favor and take care of it until they can experience it for themselves.

  6. All of my best therapists have been the free ones

  7. None of those people are self aware enough to realize they do it.

  8. Christian grooming and homosexuals grooming are two different things

  9. Military malicious compliance is a delicate and nuanced art form.

  10. My Five year old said he was gonna miss me when I was dead… in five days. 2 days later I was really poorly with covid, I thought that was it for me, honestly.

  11. How does he even know what building materials are available? Does he know a local craftsman? What's the plan here?

  12. Yeah tell me exactly where to find it so I don't go there on accident.

  13. Write a note and send it tome. I'll roleplay a Narc parent reply. ''But it's so hard being a parent. I gave you food and a roof''. Something stupid like that.

  14. "It was you're fault the whole time. I am innocent and I only hurt you because I care."

  15. It's true. I know. Source; I'm not in Wyoming and I can't see it where I am right now.

  16. I’ve always wondered about this. Is there a rule where people can’t say names of businesses? As far as I see in the subreddit rules, there’s nothing about that. It’s always seemed weird for me that people talk around the names but give enough details for us to usually be able to tell the place they’re talking about anyway.

  17. Hi all! I work for a store I won't name because I would like to keep my job. Hope that my ability to support myself isn't to inconvenient for you.

  18. Humans are the most vicious, evil, and cruel creatures of this world. We are the demons and all other beings here fear us.

  19. We are the most invasive species. We are even infesting space.

  20. Uuuhh... that's how I always did it. Did they want fractions or something? Why do it the hard way?

  21. omfg even a post about her SISTER'S upcoming wedding has to be about HER and her waiting 30 desperate, horny years for a supposedly god-honoring matrimonial first-time face-suck

  22. I wonder if they can capture how ignorant he is in tagalog.

  23. Dan, stop it! Get out of the Russian military and come home now, silly goose.

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