1. Obviously. Alot of us are tired of sneaking and lying about it.

  2. I've never been to any dispensery where they didn't show you everything you purchased before it even goes in a bag. If it's an online order, they take it out the bag and show you, then put it back in the bag.

  3. About Wellness in Lebanon and Sunnyside in Cincinnati. Best prices for sure.

  4. I had some GG#4 by them a little while back and it was trash.

  5. I have no doubt alot of the members of this group have this kind of look going

  6. Your first sentence from your reply shows a really sad state of affairs in regards to humanity and empathy.

  7. You're still coming with your feelings instead of facts and data and I just can't have a discussion with someone like that. I can't wait until you and the whiners like you are in an actual dystopia. I never said I agreed with how they treat people or pay people or any of the sort, just looking at it from the perspective of the businessmen too because it's a factor. Like I said I am separating the facts from feelings and you like many others haven't learned how to do that.

  8. you continue dismissing the argument as "feeling" or "emotional" because you're incapable of addressing it properly. the dystopia is already present in some places. slave shops are a thing you people seem to ignore because it's 'common sense business wise.' you lack the ability to realize some business practices are determinental because they take advantage of people. but its ok. hopefully you learn to approach discussions without disregarding real topics and running away from things you cant debate on due to lack of morals and ethics.

  9. It's not a slave shop. People get paid. Reuters literally copy and pasted the article you cited because someone already tried to use the guy not having job security to sound like they have the worst conditions imaginable. No job security up here either. You can be fired for looking at someone wrong. It's happened to me and many I know. What jobs were in that area before Amazon came and built the warehouse there that pay more and have better conditions?

  10. You're the one who wants to argue when you're obviously wrong and just wanna talk shit and think your alternative views of the world are cool and accepted. "I don't feel bad for this guy even though I've never accomplished anything in my life ever and fucking hate myself"

  11. You would still have to break the record on your own time, then show what you did to the adjudicator once they showed up (in this instance, stunts are a little different) Not them show up while you're finishing what you're doing like you're saying. I'm sure they have a lot of time to sit there and watch him put each block together. You wanna say snide things like "I dOnT fEEL baD foR HIm" like the typical person whose never put that much time and effort into anything like a true douchebag. You, and everyone who you said agreed with you. Such a cool dude.

  12. Right on, I thought that was the one. I don't live too far from it. It's cool that it popped up on here.

  13. Personally I feel like it wouldn’t affect me too much, chalk it up to me being insanely callous and introverted.

  14. India is trash when it comes to any kind of safety.

  15. I've heard NOTHING but bad things about that place. They will never get my business. About Wellness will always be my go-to place.

  16. I think the key is to not smoke ounces of the same strain. That's where I don't feel shit after a while. It might be more pricey, but getting some of this and some of that is a way better way of going about it. This is coming from someone who doesn't take "t-breaks" either.

  17. I had the Strawberry Cooler by Ancient Roots a couple days ago at 23 percent THC and I thought it sucked, honestly. Barely any buzz to it. Hopefully this was better.

  18. This is an amazing piece of art and I'm happy you're able to do what you're passionate about again.

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