1. 2022 has truly been a whirlwind of events but I just want to say thank you to this amazing community for making this year so much brighter ❀️ Especially with being an ot5 supporter and Jae biased, getting through this year was... so rough. But it's so reassuring to know that I can come here to support Jae (and Day6!) without having to feel scared :')

  2. God he looks so cute and happy 😭😭 I hope he has a great time this weekend πŸ’–

  3. Day6 was #2 and Wonpil was #5 in my top artists! Love Me or Leave Me and A Journey made it to #7 and #8 :')

  4. Car Crash made it to #2 for me but he didn't make it into my top 5 artists lol

  5. really hope its an album or mini album , jae gotta need to drop one he has an upcoming asia tour

  6. yeah I hope it's an album too :') but I'm guessing it'll be a single (maybe I Might Piss You Off?)

  7. Can't believe I woke up to him posting an old Mindset photo AND Above the Clouds πŸ˜­πŸ’”

  8. Ahh there's so many to choose from! But I think one of my all time favorites is when he sings the chorus in Somehow...the way sings his high note (almost strained to some degree?) adds so much emotion to the song and especially with how the pre-chorus builds up, it kinda feels cathartic in a way :')

  9. sweet chaos era was sooooo good 😭 that look still continues to live in my head rent free πŸ˜”

  10. I always found him to be cute and funny when I first started to stan Day6 many years ago :') and i think the jaesix videos helped push him to become one of my favorites!

  11. hey guys, since we're no longer allowed to post jae-related content here (w/c is VERY understandable!), if any one's interested, i made an eajpark subreddit. it's still currently on private, but let me know if you wanna join so i can add you and u can maybe check it out (like all the banners and rules and stuff) before i set it to public in a couple of days. im fairly new to making and moderating a subreddit so any criticisms is welcome!! thanks ❀!! (mod, please remove if not allowed)

  12. the thing i'm more happy about is (1) he seemed comfortable playing it and (2) he played it in a studio, which means he probably isn't just playing it for fun (like he did on stream in may) but he might be even writing with it, love this character development! also that hollow body electric is a beauty ❀️

  13. i just saw he also played the ukulele in the studio too! it'd be cool if we got to hear him play in one of his songs :') i'm really glad he's starting to feel comfortable about playing guitar again TT

  14. yup i just saw that as well! isn't this the first time we've seen him play the uku?

  15. I think it is? I don't think we've ever seen him play the uke on camera (unless there's like an old video from predebut era or something lol)

  16. I've been trying to piece my thoughts together but I'm honestly struggling. I think I'm just very stunned that we heard about contract renewals already.

  17. 😍: Freely, Like That Sun, Colors, Hunt, Sing Me, practically the entire Sunrise album lmao, I Need Somebody, Shoot Me, Warning, Somehow, Say Hello, Stop the Rain, Headache, 121U, So Cool, Time of Our Life, Best Part, Sweet Chaos, Love Me or Leave Me, Day and Night, Healer, Above the Clouds, Everyday We Fight, Love Parade, Unpainted Canvas, A Journey, Want to Love You, Walk, Sincerity, Pieces

  18. Jae and Sungjin fighting with each other via two different apps and Sungjin didn't read Jae's msgs, saying he'll just read it later.

  19. I love Park Bros lmao this reminded me of when Jae watched Sungjin's vlive while he was streaming and they were practically just fighting each other πŸ˜‚

  20. Oh guys are the best thing that ever happened to me TT

  21. I think buying his favorite album would be a nice gift! Idk if your boyfriend is super interested in these things but the albums come with a photobook, photocards, and other goodies.

  22. ive opened my stantwt again after a long time and guess what?? people are still fighting over god knows what. it just reminded me how i dont like stantwitter and ot4/ot5 fights. it's all just so draining. better focus on the music and stay away from the app folks. (i still get notifs when day6 news accounts post updates but other than those, i'm out)

  23. Honestly it's funny how a couple years ago, My Days were considered the "most chill" fandom but is now the complete opposite πŸ’€ like I'm not even active on stantwt but the amount of fights I've seen break out over the most mundane things is ridiculous 😭

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