1. Hi! I left it at the MU lost and found, you can find it there!

  2. There is the question of asking for a discord but no one has put a link to the discord

  3. The co-op sells a couple different brands of raw milk. We used to buy Organic Pastures (now called Raw Farm) from them; they also make raw butter and cream if you're interested.

  4. There are some small dairies in the local vicinity of UCD but they may not sell directly to consumers. The regulations from the CDFA are pretty tight on selling milk- cheese is much easier to sell to a consumer.

  5. I literally had this issue happen to me today. Stubhub is charging me $600 for tickets I couldn’t fullfill due to me selling them on another platform however the listing does not come up on my account when i log in neither that i even had a transaction happen so there was no way of removing my listing prior to hand due to them updating their system. Honestly this is stubhub’s fault however they are not trying to be held responsible for. Its a glitch in their system update its been 3 months since and they still haven’t fixed. So many people have been complaining on twitter for the same thing!!! Class action lawsuit time.

  6. I literally have the same situation right now. I am being told that I could POSSIBLY only receive half of the money. When I let Stubhub know about the situation and there was no other information given. We should honestly start a class action. I am sure many people have gone through the same thing

  7. Calfresh is given to most people. If you have work-study or have cal grant A or B you can qualify. There is an income limit, so most students go as independent and work a job (part-time) so they are below that income limit. You can buy food (vegetables, frozen food, chips etc) but other essentials like napkins and fabric softener aren't covered. Also, alcohol and that stuff aren't covered.

  8. do you know when we should start applying to receive it by the beginning of Fall quarter?

  9. Selling 1 ticket for World’s Hottest Tour in Oakland, September 14. SECTION 306, ROW 10 , SEAT 23

  10. What do you mean by links? Do you mean Canvas? It takes up to 12 hours for Canvas to update your class schedule. However, your instructor may or may not have published their Canvas site yet, disallowing you to view them.

  11. yeah canvas & oh makes sense maybe tomorrow it’ll be uploaded , just a little concerned since i’m in the waitlist

  12. I had some clothes stuck in the small drawers and i pulled the drawer as hard as i could till it came out and put it back inside like nothing. Requires a lot of strength but gets them out. Live in Tercero

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