The Armed Forces hit Melitopol at night with HIMARS, destroyed enemy equipment, and hit a barracks, eliminating more than 100 Russian soldiers.

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  1. Belarusians must’ve started smoking Russian cigarettes lol

  2. I'm waiting to see Ukrainian cigarette packs with photos of exploding russian equipment and the 'smoking kills' warning

  3. I mean another word for attack is offense so................

  4. Dumb is another word for stupid, but was there a point?

  5. Indeed, however it seems unrelated to this thread.

  6. So someone help me out here… if you blow the ridges connecting Ukraine to Crimea (obv part of Ukraine), then how do Ukrainian forces get to crimea to drive the orcs out?

  7. Crimea is a peninsula, so there are land connections. The bridges are just a more convenient way to reach it.

  8. What's the deal with metro in Shanghai? Are people doing it?

  9. Enter the reassuring buddy for the fake native dude. You don't hurt me. You pack mentality clan is a joke. Your chirps are lame. I'm actually embarrassed calling what you're doing a chirp. Any day my 2 year old cat could leave you at the door. A gift!!

  10. It’s an inside joke, it is the word (chlopok) that has a synonym which means clap/smack/rapid noise movement. The original meaning is cotton. Many ruzzian news outlets said that claps could be heard in Belgrade, Ukrainian news trolled them and called it cotton in Ukrainian (bavovna).

  11. Ah, this is a much better explanation than my attempt!

  12. It relates to the smoke clouds that resemble the buds of ripe cotton

  13. It's something like a homonym for slap or clap, so Ukrainians now talk of new cotton deliveries for explosions.

  14. Apparently the bridge is a massive traffic jam just now..

  15. Boaby was one of the mods that was kicked out of Ukrainewarvideoreport I believe. He was massively dishonest then too.

  16. There was a whole drama where the guy who actually created the sub was ousted by the mod team.

  17. This make no sense. How can you fuck your own country? Maybe making an hole on the ground? This communist fella could be an expert in this regards 🤔

  18. You say that, but look what putin is doing to russia right now.

  19. Now mostly cancelled according to the article.

  20. Yeah, imagine thinking there’s options on a lada!

  21. Did 'chinese official' miss the recent military exercises, perhaps?

  22. No way, look at the alignment of the rails in the first photo.

  23. Under a dictatorship, being exceptional at anything just puts a target on your back.

  24. I've not checked yet, but I saw a couple of comments saying that the guys hypersonic missiles were somewhat underwhelming.

  25. I meant "exceptional for a Russian".

  26. Don't hurt yourself thinking too hard about it.

  27. I mean, this seems to be an off topic side-discussion in the china sub about corruption.

  28. 3500$ a month is a lot in Russia, ikea workers in Novossibirsk used to get around 600-1000$ a month

  29. Already done. Op seems to be some type of spambot actually.

  30. When i google that it doesnt have a ladder and a hatch on top. Sure its not a water or septic tank carrier?

  31. It's a training vehicle, the hatches allow water or sand to be added to simulate the weight of an actual missile.

  32. That was my point, yes. Sending an old lady on a plane for no other reason except to piss off the neighbours is what a baby-country does

  33. Do you really believe all this screeching has any effect?

  34. Here comes the pro-russian trolls, its 8am in moscow.

  35. Can't sell it, try to store it. I do assume that Russia - being that huge country that it is - does not have all their storage full....

  36. Ahh, well. I'm sure you've heard what they say about assumption.

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