[June 23] Hero Emblems II (by HeatPot Games)

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BREAKING: Supreme Court strikes down New York's handgun law

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  1. Not necessary but it was fun (although i didn’t finish) as I got distracted with to many other games… ughh

  2. Is it a lot of gameplay hours/how's replayability?

  3. Original one I believe someone said 20 hours maybe…?

  4. Does this make hunting and target restrictions (like everyone gets in Boston) unconstitutional?

  5. Any idea what this means for Massachusetts? Each town/city can issue either an unrestricted or a restricted (target and hunting only) License To Carry and it's up to the police chief (I believe). For example, I have a restricted LTC which means I can't conceal carry. Will this ruling change the police chief's ability to restrict LTCs?

  6. https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/21pdf/20-843_7j80.pdf

  7. Is that just for NY or is that nationwide?

  8. Is there a good reason why they don't have lockable hoods?

  9. Miles on the far right? And is that Desmond next to him?

  10. You're probably right, Jacob and Richard

  11. It might actually be satisfying if the video quality didn't go to absolute shit after 5 seconds. Why is it that videos on Reddit start at high quality and then become a blurry mess?

  12. I haven't seen something this fabulous since that one video of the person stuck in quicksand and a dude in a helicopter throws down a rope but it's attached to his penis and he vinegar strokes when the quicksand guy tugs on it

  13. I AM READY FOR AMERICA dot dot dot comma

  14. We've been trying to reach you about the extended warranty for your vehicle.

  15. That's some beautiful abstract art right there

  16. I would never watch a show called 1932, but 1923...??? Hells fucking yeah!!!

  17. How did the other astronaut know to point at earth before the explosion happened?

  18. Shit styling, shit engine, shit gearbox, shit quality, they also have leaf springs, numb steering and an weird driving position which results in what I've heard is really REALLY shit handling.

  19. Is this the Rare Breed FRT? What caliber is your Banshee?

  20. Yessir rarebreed frt-15 banshee 300 mkgs 9mm 8”

  21. I have a Banshee 300 5" in 45 ACP. Wonder how that would do with the FRT

  22. American Jesus looked upon his disciples and proclaimed, "All lives matter, especially the blue ones!" and thus he and his disciples unloaded several hundred rounds into the air in celebration.

  23. And on the seventh day he ate McDonalds and KFC and played golf

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