[Postgame Thread] Florida Defeats Utah 29-26

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  1. I like that these characters are believable. Like, we all work with some over motivated dumbass yes man like him.

  2. I felt like it was either fireworks, or the train derailed over here by Market District.

  3. BYU QBs have continued their injury prone tradition in the NFL too. Taysom Hill and Zach Wilson haven't been paragons of health...

  4. It's due to the fact they have to go on a mission trip, so they're like 38 by the time they get drafted.

  5. I wonder if the QB injury rate correlates with general injury rate of the team. Trying to be generous in my interpretation of intent, there is the possibility that USU plays hard against them as a "David v Goliath" measuring stick.

  6. BYU had some poor years in there, while USU was at least good. It's probably more of an effect from being a rivalry game. Well, it is to USU at least.

  7. I like to imagine both teams are so abhorrent that the NCAA decided to cancel it, because even the winner would be a loser.

  8. Utah Cieling: 11-2 PAC 12 champs playing in a NY6. I think they lose to either USC or Oregon regular season. Floor: 8-4, losing to Oregon, USC, and Oregon State.

  9. UNLV now has more wins in the class 4 weeks than they had in the previous 2 years. Bully for them.

  10. All I can say is thank God most of the Big 10 West is also a dumpster fire.

  11. Iowa is capable of beating anyone with that defense, and Minnesota might be good. Plus Bert has Illinois playing decent. You're not winning the West.

  12. They most likely produced an extra 10% to account for issues with shipping and QC. No way is hell they made EXACTLY 10,000. I'd sell it to someone at retail or keep it. Lego makes enough money, especially given the price increases.

  13. Are you describing OSU fans? We're the fucking worst. Lose to Michigan ONCE in a decade and everyone shits their pants.

  14. Colorado, 4-12 after a 4-0 start in 2020, just blown arapart by Air Force, somehow not on the list.

  15. My god would I love to start dunking on CU, but CSU is a disaster, too. Norvell has his work cut out for him.

  16. I think their goal should be to be a consistent bowl team, with the occasional run at a division title.

  17. No reason they can't win 10 games in the ACC. And admission standards get lax when it comes to athletes. They don't go away, but athletes get treated differently.

  18. A few years ago I would have been excited for people in the area. Since Kroger pulled out their investment in Lucky’s, all locations except original in Colorado closed. Sans the two Ohio (Columbus and Cleveland locations). Those were bought by Dave’s market, I believe around Cleveland. Since Dave’s purchased Lucky’s Ohio locations, quality in meat has gone way down. Their in house made food is mainly (or so it seems) from a bulk tubs and not the same simple ingredients it once was.

  19. I lived in Fort Collins, where one of the last surviving Lucky's is. I fucking loved that place.

  20. It was Obi Wan's brother and best friend. Seeing his broken and scarred face probably retraumatized him from their encounter on Mustafar, and he just couldn't do it.

  21. ESPN had a great rundown of what they CFP would've looked like since 2014 with a 12 team playoff. Some highlights:

  22. A loss to Oregon State speaks less to Oregon State's ability and more to Utah's inability to win the easy ones.

  23. Time will tell. Please don't embarrass the conference at Florida.

  24. We won't. We'll just embarrass ourselves by losing to Washington State/Oregon State at home. This is the way.

  25. I'd love to have Pitt in the B1G. Not sure it would happen, but who knows. I wouldn't have ever thought USC would be in the B1G, either.

  26. As someone who lives in Columbus, Ohio Stadium is huge and it's beautiful, but my god is it an atrocious GameDay experience.

  27. I left and went back to the workforce because my mental health couldn't handle it. Could I have finished? Maybe, but at what cost?

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