1. Oh; I was coming up with a list of these last night, just in case. My personal favourites-

  2. Ok wow, I guess I'm definitely not alone! Yeah my duplicate townie families did not like each other when the welcome wagon came, so I think a love story is out of the question. I gave up and started a new save which didn't have duplicates

  3. No problem! I just saw the rant about not including recipes, and I don’t want that heat 😄

  4. Very cute! What pack are the tiles/stepping stones in the backyard from? Or are they debug?

  5. There was a great surgeon! In one of his surgeries he had mortality rate of 300%! Patient and assistant died from sepsis, while one of spectators had stroke! Dr. Robert Liston was his name(surgeon).

  6. Haha I came to comment this - he cut off three of his assistants fingers which lead to the sepsis! But despite that he was considered one of the best at what he did and became a very wealthy professor of surgery

  7. Panda deserves all the dryer balls as payment for their incredible cuteness

  8. If it was a whole pack JUST about babies, I’d want infant personalities/traits. Maybe not something super character changing, but there could be a chance your baby is born particularly cute and nearby sims would get a “awww” moodlet or the baby could be incredibly ugly and detract from the rooms decor. The baby could be born with certain skill boosts indicating a natural talent. Also evil and good could be infant traits for spice.

  9. Hahah idk why but the idea of the ugly baby being so ugly it detracts from the beauty of its surroundings has me cackling

  10. I've found if you drag your basement foundation down (like how you'd raise the house up with the arrow thing in the middle) it stops it from popping up weirdly with the ground

  11. I swear I've seen this house on an episode of criminal minds...

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