[homemade] Tomato Ricotta pasta with Pancetta

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  1. The most I know on this is that Costco blade tenderizes/needles their meats. I know they do it on like all their steaks IIRC, dunno about other raw meats. So, be careful if you're expecting that to have minimal surface area.

  2. I went to my local Costco and asked if they tenderize their meats and they said they haven't done it for years so maybe it varies from store to store. Might be worth asking.

  3. This goofball sounds like an antivaxx/essential oil peddler, just spouting pseudo science like it's a fact. Keep listening to this dusty skunk, cause that's exactly how you get gastroenteritis.

  4. go look up how sous vide works. Coming across a bit ignorant.

  5. Awesome to hear but I'm always do skeptical of people who say they do fine in winter (not saying you're lying!). where do you live? I still get dry itchy skin in the depths of winter when im outside and it's -10C.

  6. how could you possibly make that assessment. You don't know anything about op or what they do in a day lol

  7. Because unless they’re a dwarf weighing 80 lbs or less it’s probably too few.

  8. and yet they're alive and doing well enough to contribute here. Again, you don't know anything about OP. They could be 300 lb and just starting out; that person would not need 2k+ calories.

  9. Norman Chad and Lon McEachern the best poker announcer duo by a country mile.

  10. Yeah but cud have told like " scrollbars I don't think is a good approach" or something like that. Man just typed his emotions out lol. It's ok though. 😁

  11. I agree with him. People are getting pissed at something he made for fun in his free time lol

  12. no one is getting pissed. he posted a concept and asked what people think and people are telling him what they think lol

  13. https://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C14&q=%22does+size+matter%22&btnG=

  14. But only a max of 15bb apparently - meaning every single small denomination chip after 15bb is just a waste of space

  15. damn id like his recipe. i tried brisket sous vide and it came out terribly dry. I had to mix it with some beef broth just to eat it lol

  16. yes its relatively common, but will go away over time.

  17. Im not trying to be a jerk, I'm just commenting that measurement system seems needlessly complicated to me.

  18. sir, u do ur construction in feet and inches and a 4x2 ft plank isn't 4 x 2 ft.

  19. I suppose i inadvertently proved my point...

  20. i have far too many trust issues to get a nose ring/chain combo like that

  21. Lacto fermenting will decrease most plant toxins, although it won't eliminate them.

  22. I'm not familiar with this, but would you happen to know if this is how Kimchi is made - is that lacto-fermented? because I love kimchi

  23. Be careful with store bought pickled veggies. Most are not really fermented they just pour a bunch of vinegar into the bottle. Look for ones that only have the veggie, water and salt as ingredients. Also, you can ferment your own veggies, super easy.

  24. thank you. i won't be making a habit of it but every now and then i do get a hankering every now and then!

  25. The jack of clubs blocks one of the possible straight flush combos is my guess

  26. this is correct, but doesnt make sense from her perspective. she would want to have any card other than a club here, otherwise she's blocking his flush draws...

  27. The announcer knows that the dude doesn’t have shit and yet his mind is blown that the woman with a slightly better hand is also bluffing / calling his bluff.

  28. because garrets range dominates J4. maybe, just maybe, the announcer knows how to play poker better than you, and maybe, just maybe, you don't know enough to even begin to understand WHY the announcer would be astounded by this.

  29. Has this guy always been off his rocker? I used to really enjoy his stand up way back in day, he was very funny, seemingly very intelligent and progressive. What happened.

  30. Watch his videos, he's saying the same stuff now as he was then. Watch the video that got censored and make your own mind up. It was a reasonable take honestly but he slightly misrepresented the truth (that wasn't central to the point he was making). He even apologized and pointed out his mistake in another video BEFORE the original video got censored.

  31. it is. he was on rumble before that lol

  32. With regards to the fat issue, the problem with grain fed beef isn’t that it has less omega 3, it’s that it has less omega 3 and far more omega 6. The ratio is what matters. Salmon is definitely a good source of omega 3 but that is extremely expensive and he’s trying to limit costs. Either way, you don’t want too many omega fats anyway. You need a minimal amount, and going far beyond that could be detrimental. Omega fats ARE polyunsaturated after all, and highly prone to oxidation.

  33. i need a source that grain fed beef has more omega6 than grass fed beef. and the idea that the ratio is important is probably a bit dated.

  34. I like to sous vide chuck roasts at 136F for 18-24hrs, and then sear them on the grill. Really delicious and tender

  35. I do the same, but for chuck roasts I prefer slightly higher temps, 139F if I'm doing 24 hours.

  36. ever since i heard he went to one of those 'boot camp' schools for 'troubled' kids, he gets a free pass in my book. those places are fucked up, and fucked up thousands of kids:

  37. It's a good question. Life expectancy was certainly lower in the past and certain groups mainly ate meat, but they also didn't have modern medicine either.

  38. if you take out birth-related deaths (for both child and mothers), then life expectancy hasn't changed that drastically.

  39. taking nose to tail a bit too far. carnivoremd ruining lives yet again.

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