1. That's all they have. Unless you've contacted customer service before, in which case I would go back to that email and his email directly from them. But you have to open a stupid case with boxy bot unfortunately.

  2. So frustrating!! I pretty much use it for skincare because I can’t afford to buy new stuff lately but everything is just garbage

  3. Oh my god, the garbage. I swear somebody in boxy charm bought a dump and now they're pawning it off on us

  4. I would only be getting $6 coupons! I would be missing sometimes 7 or 8 items from an order and they would give me a $6 coupon. But they be trash for real. I'm like 99.99% sure that I'm going to be leaving for ipsy instead

  5. I think that I would murder somebody if that's what I got. Every time I order something that is highly sought after, like the glow recipe plum plump serum, or lunar beauty, or Pat McGrath I never actually receive it. Even if it's in a package deal where there's four other items, I'll only receive the lowest value items or the ones that are least sought after. It's bananas.

  6. I really like the formula but the color just ain't for me

  7. Wow.. I would be pissed! That's absolutely ridiculous and totally unacceptable! I'm not sure what you can do in Canada but I know people in the US threatened to report them to the BBB (better business bureau, if you didn't know). Is there something like that in Canada?

  8. So they did the same to me saying that they couldn't replace my order because they were moving warehouses. But that doesn't make sense because they fulfilled the rest of my order while they were moving warehouses. I was missing six items from my order totaling around $75. They have thus far only said they're going to refund me $60. But I will be reaching out to the BBB tomorrow! Thanks for the tip

  9. For the charm room, they're supposed to ship it out within 15 days of receipt of payment

  10. Yes! They've only put on a few new items in over two months!

  11. I stumbled onto this website and it says the glycolic toner isn’t - I just checked the reason and it said because of the glycolic acid 🤔 so now I have no clue!! Lol!

  12. Check out this article, it has some do's and don'ts for glycolic acid products while pregnant

  13. I got that vinyl tote in my luxe too. Boxy says it's value is $129 LOLOLOL. (it was a FFF add on for $5 at one time). What in the world is a vinyl tote doing in a BEAUTY box

  14. I have the base box and I ish you not, I got a health supplement in my September box.

  15. Idk if he’s still around but Fullerton had the Vampire guy who wore a long leather duster, all black, and would only come out around dusk

  16. Ugh I forgot his name! But he used to hang around the hub and Shanai (sp?) At the train station.

  17. Have you noticed difference in quality with stuff specifically made for boxy?

  18. So I checked the drop shop multiple times a day and I saw it show up as sold out several days ago. But I never ever saw it as being actually available. They have that with a few other items as well. But I was checking the job shop three to four times a day. So I'm fairly confident it was never there.

  19. My order that I just got It says that everything's in it accepted the smashbox lipstick. But I'm missing a lot of items. It says that I have Tresluce eyelashes, tresLuce glue, a mellow cosmetics palette, and the glow recipe hyaluronic acid serum that was in the box that was sent. It absolutely was not. I've never had so many missing items in the box before.

  20. I’m probably going to cancel and maybe re-sub later. I’m not really interested in the Tarte takeover next month 😏.

  21. Wait what is this about the tarte takeover? I haven't heard anything

  22. I noticed that they do that a lot too, like two or three small items In a giant box or they pack $800 items into a tiny box. I don't understand the process with the freaking boxes

  23. That nomad palette is like one of the things that I really really, really really want and I hope it doesn't get canceled! But it looks gorgeous

  24. I'm afraid to ask. I have several large orders waiting to ship still. One is a $250 order and it actually want the products in it so I'm afraid to reach out and have them cancel it.

  25. I just resubscribed on the 1st after taking a break for a few months (was subscribed for a couple years). I feel like you never get a truthful answer and it's always a different answer from CS. My box looks like it will be here tomorrow so we shall see but I am really nervous. Honestly if I get a bunch of leftovers but the Natasha Denona palette is in there, I wouldn't even care. Boxy has declined so much especially since Yosef left but the Natasha Denona palette was a exciting turn around.

  26. I've never had luxe, But for an extra 10 bucks I would just buy the Natasha denona palette on its own. I mean I understand you're getting extras but it seems like a lot of frustration to maybe get it and to maybe not get it. I almost signed up for the luxe box. Hoping to get it but I just couldn't afford it this month

  27. Did you get anything good in this other person's order?

  28. I've heard from a lot of people that their earth harbor item was disgusting. I think it was a scrub though? I have probably eight total orders since last month's drop shop. Out of the eight three have shipped the first one and the two last ones. (I skip for my friends too)

  29. Lol the last two! Hahah but yeah I’m pretty bad at rotating but am now addicted to buying an endless amount that give the same results

  30. Oof that hits deep. I feel personally attacked 🤣🤣

  31. I noticed at this month's drop shop that they added things in during super random times. It wasn't all released all at once. Because I go right when it opens, So I know I'll get some of the good stuff. This time went right when it opened was checked out in less than 25 minutes. Then the next day there's a violet voss palette that was released that I missed. A Fenty beauty mascara and eyeliner that I missed a couple days later, a. Pat McGrath lip gloss.

  32. That's so funny! I got my box like a week ago, and it's the smallest box I've ever had. . But I also feel like it's been the same s*** over and over and over for the last maybe five or six months. I also feel like the chop shop prices have gone up and I don't like how they don't release everything on the first day now. I know they had their little $5 blowout or buy more save more deals but they just randomly add in products and then I end up missing it. Like the good stuff. There was a violet voss palette that I completely missed

  33. So me and my girlfriend share my boxycharm drop shop, and we've made in total like eight orders. I got my first order, a large one made on the day it opened around 9:00 a.m.. she made one same day about 3:00 p.m., still hasn't been shipped. I made another order for 5 days later that hasn't shipped. Two weeks in I ordered something else that was very small, two items that was shipped almost immediately. Then I've made three more small orders and none of them have shipped.

  34. BOXYCHARM. Anyone else mega disappointed in the mega drop shop? Some of the best products that they had last month in their regular drop shop that they did not sell out of didn't even make it into the mega shop. There was like maybe four good products that I really wanted. Usually I am putting like $600 worth of stuff in my cart and cutting it down to $150. But I didn't even hit $100 this month. I would not even call this a regular drop shop to be honest. Subpar.

  35. Mine was the same….they are sending me a new one but we’ll see…

  36. How do you get them to send a new one instead of just refunding it? Every time I've had an issue they just refund me instead of sending me another item

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