Mother's Day Support Post

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  1. Went NC with my nfather first and then my n/e mother.

  2. When you click on check status what does it say

  3. That it can’t give me results from a check older than 3 mos ago. Been dashing 2-3years on and off

  4. Will do, probably calling support tomorrow

  5. I just went back this semester, dropped out 5 years ago. It’s definitely triggering but I’m getting through it, am NC with my entire family now and that helps tremendously

  6. Hope things go well for you OP, please keep us updated ❤️

  7. I'm having a baby it makes me sad that I can't tell my mom. But when I think of how awful she was to me it's best that she not be a part of our lives. I do miss some flying monkeys but they enable the narc so its best to just accept no contact and not being able to share news.

  8. Same here. 20 weeks and it kills me that I can’t tell my mom let alone have her involved... but she enabled my ndads torture while emotionally destroying me as well and I can’t allow that around my son. Not announcing on FB bc of flying monkeys... big hugs to you❤️

  9. There needs to be a petition to ban these stupid fucking made up holidays.

  10. Lol I’ve called support and had them tell me to turn my phone off and then on again and let them know if it’s working. Like if I turn off the phone it will disconnect the call...

  11. You'll love her! Got one a few months back and she's the cutest.

  12. For sure! You’ll have to convert yen to USD when you request the loan amount from affirm... then if they approve it they give you a credit card number/expiration date/all that stuff and you use your name/billing address. If you need help navigating it let me know :)

  13. When I lived at Northview ‘15-‘17 they had fire drills at two in the morning several times a semester. Don’t know if they still do that, but that something to keep in mind

  14. It really sucked, and it was always random. No other complaints though

  15. In the same area as you... normally only on DD. UE bribed me back with a 90 orders $1,075 guarantee. Other than that it’s so not worth it all of my orders have been crap like this

  16. I feel like i could have written this, big hugs.

  17. I justify my childhood by thinking My Ndad attempted to relive his childhood with reversed roles through my Nbrother (gc) and I (scapegoat), even going as far as to call me by his sisters name as he beat me. (years later when I found out I have an aunt, it all made sense in my head) I’m terrified of having a son because I don’t want to repeat the cycle. I’m also terrified of having a son because my Sometimes, seeing young/adolescent boys get aggressive triggers me, my Nbrother attempted to kill me several times and frequently abused/hospitalized my mother as well. Married and expecting my first, praying it’s a girl

  18. Happy birthday to you and your sister! Cheers to you both for overcoming everything that happened to you

  19. This is my first Mother’s Day NC and Im doing a whole lot better than I thought I would be. Hubby also didn’t call his Nmom today (ELC). He thought about it, and I told him to go ahead but only if there was some reason for it besides needing to do his duty as a good son and give her the praise she thinks she deserves. He thought about it and said fts. Wonder what having a normal family is like around the holidays

  20. I’ll never forget at a craft show an older lady approached me to talk about my business. Told her the “TLDR in public” version of my story that left out my entire shitty childhood and she said that my parents must be so proud. I told her that I highly doubt that and she said of course, and that they raised a wonderful young woman.

  21. I worked in early childhood for 5 years. Childcare and preschool teaching is the most soul sucking, exhausting and drama filled field. I had one good preschool job. All the others treated employees poorly and god forbid you need a break to pee. I worked so much for free. I’m so glad I decided to be done with it.

  22. I feel you. Was in for three years and then couldn’t take it anymore

  23. Sounds like it’s time to sit down with your 14 year old and ASK.

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