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  1. The skills go up +1 point each when they turn 2, 7 and 14.

  2. Thanks so much! I didn't even know quite what I was trying to look up. I noticed my specific questions never seems to have an answer on Google.

  3. I'm tired of old people only worrying about old people.

  4. I’ve found that constantly tapping the reel button when trying to stay still helps the bar move more fluidly

  5. Yes I do this too and we call it throttling. We get the term from the game Trials since you need to throttle the motorbike to play well

  6. Big one for me, if I’m not expecting anyone I don’t open the door when it comes to being safe and avoiding, well, strangers at my door.

  7. My front door is inches from my child's bedroom and right outside her only window. I would've spoke first, explained why I dont wanna hear his (likely LOUD) pitch and told get off my stairwell if he ain't talking to my neighbor too.

  8. I bought puppy pads for my baby even tho I don't have dogs for things like this. You could lay one or two out at head and chest level, as well as have a small trash can at bedside with one underneath, if they miss.

  9. Why is stuff on dogs so dead and this one’s so active

  10. Because dogs are obedient enough that people don't get the same kick out of dogs. Now cats not moving with stuff on them, that's a real novelty

  11. The posts here are pretty great with their advice but if you're later in game, I like to make the Wood Shed first so I can make planks for the Resourve Storage 2 on-site right away. You need planks for the Resource Storage 2.

  12. My cat eats the baby geckos, plays with the adult ones… and also kills roaches.

  13. Lol Idk why you're being down voted. My cats did this too when I lived there. It's a fact that cats kill tons of things every year, and OP wants to be rid of geckos. A cat would help but OP should embrace their geckos, not get rid of them

  14. Is it playable on xbox now? I know my friend group doesn't play this since it was fairly new to us on xbox and was not stable enough to play. We wanted to give devs time to make it playable. It has been a while but I didnt want to lose progress and experience burnout early on before they worked the bugs out

  15. "Pumpkin Quickies" an old school recipe B. Dylan Holis made a video about.

  16. It's almost like OP doesn't remember that episode of SpongeBob SquarePants where he pet sits Sandy's Wormy. You know, the one where Wormy turns into a butterfly and then terrorizes all of Bikini Bottom with his scary face? Yeah, bugs are a hard no.

  17. Awesome! Though you can get 168 casks in the basement. If you really use every square I mean and just pull them up when it’s time to harvest. I’m guessing 125 is with space to walk

  18. I saw someone hoe up stuff in casks in a video once but I'm not sure if that was a mod or not. They had created a path around the room but used an iridium hoe to collect the rest of the wine. Haven't tested it myself though

  19. I’ll let you know when my dinosaur obsessed almost 6 year old grows out of it. We’ve seen every episode of Dino Dan, Dino Dana, Dinosaur Train, Dino Ranch, Dino Rangers, LEGO Jurassic World, and read MULTIPLE dinosaur encyclopedias and every book he can get his hands on. He passed the love on to his younger brother who is also obsessed. I will say that he has found other interests as well (animals, Wild Kratts, Magic Treehouse books) but dinosaurs are still his first love.

  20. I put my eggs in as soon as it's in my bowl. I break it up and mix it in. Then I microwave the bowl for 30sec to cook the eggs a little. I do this for chicken ramen or shin ramyun. I also add cheese and both make it creamy

  21. Lbr whoever decided these kinds of blinds were a good idea had never been around a child or pet xD I'll keep that in mind for when I inevitably run out of bread clips :,)

  22. I use toothpicks or safety pins and tape to tape them in place then reinforce the tape a little with more tape and then click it back into the holder. I think at this point baby girl has pulled down all of them.

  23. Yo is that a picture of Sebby in a baseball uniform on the wall??

  24. Once it's cooked and on your plate, drizzle soy sauce on it. And furikake if you have it

  25. Ngl killing butterflies was probably one of the hardest things I had to learn to do when I started playing but maybe that’s just me

  26. Idk yo, ever seen that episode of SpongeBob where Sandy's pet Wormy became a butterfly, then proceeds to terrorize Bikini Bottom with close up shots of its face? Yeah, no. I snatch wings everywhere I can, especially here cuz health gains.

  27. Yeah I really don't understand how/why the bathhouse is worth it. Foraged fruits are much easier and don't require you spending time to walk to a distant location followed by ridiculously slow walking inside the bath area.

  28. It's worth it if you're not using the forage for purposes other than eating. But I dread the walk out there and push automation asap since I pretty much don't need to go back if I can get everything on sprinklers

  29. We hired a lawyer after our request for a full-time aide was denied. We wanted an aide to help him transition into the school routine for only one semester.

  30. How did your child receive these injuries at school?

  31. My son loves the Beatrix Potter books, but we do have to stop frequently for explanations/lessons (beating children/little rabbits isn’t okay, no you can’t marry your cousin when you grow up like Benjamin did, isn’t the fierce rabbit bad for scratching the other rabbit and stealing his carrot, etc)

  32. "Mrs. McGregor put yer daddy in a pie. Toodaloo!"

  33. I'd like to share that I had gauges in my ears before I was pregnant. I had terrible infections that wouldn't stop on both sides. Each time they flared up I had to down size and it kept happening to the point that I just had to take them out. This never happened to me before pregnancy. So yeah, my body attacked my gauges out with infections to prepare for the baby lol I hope you have a better time because nipples are a much worse place for this to happen. My kid is older now and I've gauged my ears again with no issues

  34. They somehow all fit into a little ball that pretty much should only fit a cutifly

  35. Why is your pants switched with your Magnet ring??

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