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  1. When someone posts this on reddit, they get upvotes and fame.

  2. Before you ask: it's called "Niku Wo Hagu" or "To Strip/Stripping The Flesh"

  3. I feel like our discussions should be made away from cis people, the current subreddits of SapphoAndHerFriends and AchillesAndHisPals don't feel like an appropriate place to be talking about gender. Did anyone consider creating a trans focused version of it and the name it should be called?

  4. I’d totally help you make it! I feel like queer erasure gets called out far more than trans erasure.

  5. This is more about being ARO isn't it? Or do I just not get it? Can your sexual attraction develop like a romantic attraction?

  6. Sexual attraction is a little random and hard to understand as someone who is on the ace spectrum myself, but yes, it can develop over time, with new info, sometimes different feelings (friendship changing to romance, unrelated to this meme btw) and just a lot of random things

  7. Loona was the first group I got into from the very beginning, without them I'd sure at least be lost for a while. They might not know me, but I sure saw them grow in front of my eyes, I saw their music changing and evolving, it hits different.

  8. Hybe and YG are better imo. I found that as time goes by SM and JYP music started to annoy me. There's something about trying to be catchy and experimental that's trying too hard.

  9. I stopped correcting people and you know what. Now they misgender me without having any knowledge of how I even look like

  10. People keep spreading things about LABOUM to this very day and they owe them an apology. Only Lattes that read the lyrics they write on their own know how much things hurt them. Heal Song and Actually, this is a secret are both so sad.

  11. I don't have a lot of experience with chasers myself, but I had to deal with other kinds of folks and in my experience it leaves you hyper aware. Like people can say and do very harmless stuff and you still overthink it

  12. Yeah I'm. very familiar! I think it's untrue to the person being themselves, which is more of a disappointment to them than anything else. I am very very confident in myself, so I know I'm not a chaser, I really didn't give the haters any mind.

  13. Thx for answering, you're awesome dude! I hope to find more cis people as wholesome as you in the following years :D

  14. Wow, I'm so sorry. I hope you can adjust to this life, it must be difficult...

  15. A take: The hashtag rise for everything just added the stress to an already uncertain condition tbh.

  16. even the big companies have too many groups for my liking. it's really too much. they need to start being more picky with who they debut. only a group of it boys/girls or something idk.

  17. If you take the nugus out the diversity of sound in the industry will be killed... I am already concerned about this because big companies will debut many groups this year, and it doesn't matter what they release, they have money enough to make people buy and listen. The pandemic is breaking the small companies, bigger companies are buying a few to let them survive, and if they get all the same forget the hallyu wave altogether... Don't forget a tsunami was pretty much enough to kill the hype over japanese music and it changed their fashion too.

  18. This is awesome! um, weird question, I'm doing a poetry and prose unit in my speech class, and i was wondering if i can use this for it! And if i can, how do you want me to cite you? By your username? or something else?

  19. Oh I'm late to this comment! If you still have an interest in it, feel free to cite my username or "Ariel Farias", I don't have anything properly published yet, so it's not going to affect much. I'm glad you enjoyed it 😊

  20. Yezi Home, Hatfelt Sweet Sensation, Dive Dalsooobin, Psycho4u Girlkind, I want love Kassy, I wish by I, Beep Beep by Ruann, Starry Night Fanatics, Where U R Ariaz, Lean on me by Kasper, Fly away Kwon Jinah, Tattoo Alexa, Satellite by Suzy... I have a whole Spotify playlist filled with these but Idk if I can share here, search for "Beautiful K-pop"

  21. In what field do you work that there are this many trans people I just want a job

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